I'm 17 and have never kissed a girl.

Yeah, It's lame.

I mean I'm not a boring person, I'm physically fit and attractive (Or so I've been told), I go out to parties, I'm confident around people. But girls ALWAYS tend to see me as more of a friend and less of someone they want to be romantically involved with.

My friends find it real funny that I haven't kissed anyone yet and to be honest I kind of think of myself as a bit of a failure. I don't know really. *Sigh*

Am I doing something wrong?

Is it normal to be 17 and never kissed anyone?

Am I just too friendly?

Any advice?

Thanks :)


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  • Its no worries that you've never been kissed. You just haven't found that person yet to be your first kiss. You are by no means a failure. I'm a pretty girl and I didn't kiss anyone until I was 18.

    If you want a girl to see you in a more than friends way you have to project that to her. I would guess that you tend to act as though you want to be friends so she responds appropriately you. Be confident and let a girl know you're interested. it could be there are girls whoa re interested in you romantically but don't want to show it because the air around you says I want friends, not I want a girl friend.

    Everything will turn out all right, don't get too worried about it.


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  • It's fine. I'm sure a girl will find it rather endearing. Focus on finding a girl who will.

  • go hang out with the girl that is 17 and not kissed lmao

    but yes you're normal. some people just aren't in the right setting of people in high school.

  • thats nothing to worry about I'm in the same boat as you. you aren't doing anything wrong. when you find the right girl it will be even more special.


What Guys Said 4

  • At 17 you're still in high school, I say don't worry about it and here's why.

    Life doesn't start until you get out of high school. The world becomes larger and the people more interesting when you get away from the protective shell that is your life through high school. Trust me nothing you do now, will be as cool as what you'll do when you're 24.

    I can relate a lot to you. My feeling is that you're probably a pretty smart kid and aware of what's going on, while maybe a little worried about yourself. At 17, in high school, you may think things suck, but you'll be just fine. Trust me, when it all happens you'll even surprise yourself.

  • calm down dude, guys have that problem sometimes. just find a girl to get with if you're as confident as you say. and f*** your friends if they wanna talk sh*t, it's not their issue.

  • Well, first off I can tell you yes, it's perfectly normal. As far as why, well, have you ever put forth the effort to be flirtatious with a girl? Otherwise, how else are they supposed to know you're interested. No one's going to throw themselves at you. Now, do you have to be flirtatious? Of course not, but just don't be surprised when no girls are coming to you.

  • Well if youve never kissed a girl and just want to get it out of the way just go ask a girl to dance at a party and kiss her. if your looking for a girlfriend try to be more flirtacious from the get go so you don't get stuck in the friend zone