I don't think I'm over how the break up went down...help?

Over the summer I was in my first relationship. It was great, then some things with school went downhill. Everything is fine now; but during this rough time, my then boyfriend decided to tell me "I think it's better if we were friends" OK so whatever, I said OK, and then I asked him if it would be awkward. He said no.

We've been back at college since the end of august; we broke up in the beginning of august. He doesn't talk to me or acknowledge me even though I say hi and everything to him. Trying NOT to make it awkward?

I don't think I'm over how the break up went down...help?

So just found out that he has a new girlfriend. I don't know how to put it...but...she's weird and crazy. Seriously, I know her well. So as bitchy as it sounds...it's an ego booster. Lol


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  • Maybe he moved on, met someone else, takes a while to get over an ex, breaking all contact is the best etc...


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  • Well what sort of relationship was it? Was it sort of slow-paced, you two getting to know each other etc.? 'Cause if so, I'm not really sure what to say other than that I'm sorry you had to have such a rocky break up.

    But if you guys were like really sexual and stuff, then I'd say you were just part of a summer fling and that you need to move on past this guy.

    And that fact that he won't even talk to you or anything is pretty lame and immature on his part, but that's just how some people deal with break ups.

    • Well we started dating a few weeks before summer vacation started, but we had exams so we never really saw each other much. But over the summer he would come see me like every other weekend, and he talked about the school year coming up and the holidays...