Will he text me sometime soon?

So I met this guy I like over the weekkend. We flirting all weekend and while we were saying our goodbyes he told me he would text me. It's been two days tho...will he?


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What Guys Said 1

  • It's a combination of waiting because he's a bit nervous and doesn't wanna seem like he's desperate. I would wait until the end of the week at most. When he does text you, reassure him that you appreciate it and that it's cool for him to call you more often.


What Girls Said 1

  • Hmm. Well sweetie, I'm come from the school of "if he's interested in you, he'll pursue you...right away". I don't want to COMPLETELY rule out the possibility of him hitting you up...but the longer it takes, the slimmer the chances. Now if he didn't give you a time frame, I'd give it until the next weekend (which would be Friday)...if he doesn't text you by then, move on girl - you have a life and don't need to wait by the phone for anyone :) Good luck hun!