I'm a chicken and need advice on hanging out with a guy?

So I like this guy and I want to see if he wants to hang out, so I figured since I'm free tomorrow I'd text him and start a conversation with him and see if he wanted to chill. I was thinking about texting or calling him and being like "Hey, I was thinking about you, what are you up to (or wanna chill)?" We've hung out a couple times but I want to take initiative also, ya know? Let me know if that's lame or if you have any other suggestions (:


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  • you should have an idea of what you'd like to do in the message. like go eat or watch a movie.


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  • I prefer being called. It shows you put some effort into it. Texting these days seems too easy.

    • This is very true. I much rather be called also. But is what I said okay to say to him or is it lame?

  • Ask however. Most guys aren't picky. For my preference though I'd prefer anything besides calling.


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