Would you date a guy who wants a "housewife"?

He said he wants someone to stay home, have kids, clean and cook. GUYS or GIRLS can answer.


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  • No. Financial arguments are the leading cause of divorce and those arguments only increase when there's only one breadwinner. He begins to feel resentment, and she feels dependent. I'd much rather both work, both cook, both clean, and both help with the kids. Equal playing field and less room for arguments about who is working "harder."


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  • Does he have enough money to support your house, kids, and everything you want for yourself?

    If so, then yes I would. If you had a job you would still have to do all those other things anyways. So if he can give you anything you need, then why not?


    Not because I plan to get married and there fire ate my interests for potential home mate. but because I assume if that's what he thinks of women well have little and common. not much to talk, about & id probably be annoyed. outlook is as important as personality or looks to e, and already his conflicts with mine.

    I like getting to know people not putting them into a pre conceived box. end of story :)

  • personally, I'm not a housewife material,

    I love to cook from time to time, but my parent's aren't paying a load of money for my university so that at the end, I end you staying at home "raising the kids"..

    I live by the logic of "if a man wants someone to stay home and take care of the kids, then he should stay, since he's the one who wants it"

    Long live feminism! :P

  • better than staying home, having kids, cleaning, cooking, AND WORKING