Is it over or am I giving up to easily?

We have been together for 2 years. Of those 2 years we have lived together for almost a year of it. In the beginning we did everything together. not like stuck at the hip, but he was willing to do stuff. Also, we were having a lot more intimate relations. Last summer it was great. but then like 8 to 9 months ago it has declined so much I feel like I am living with a roommate.

He was always tired. when we started dating he was into the game World of Warcraft. Not a big deal, but then the past 9 months it has taken over his life. When I pointed it out to him how we never even spend time at home together he stopped, but then put his attention onto another game. He lost his job 3 months ago not due to him, but due to the company went bankrupt with no warning. But it has been 3 months now and he has not found a job at all!

Our schedules go as follows: I get up and go to work at 8am he is already up due to staying up all night. He sleeps primarily most of the day and when I get home at 5pm he is up. I make dinner he stays up in the computer room. Every once in a while yells down that he loves me and we eat. he goes back up there and I go to bed. alone. We have had sex a total of 4 times in the past 9 months. It doesn't last as long as it used to and it is more he gets to the point and he is done. We barely even kiss anymore.

He said it isn't me. He said he is in a rut and gets in these and it takes him down. I have found a few pictures of young naked women on his computer. one was a disgusting porn video. They were recent too. He has put on some weight since we started dating and so have I. He says his weight is most of the reason he is not into having sex. But yet I find this stuff on his computer. So it tells me his sex drive is not gone.

Am I crazy? Should I just give up? I have tried on multiple occasions tried talking to him. He doesn't have much to say and he just sits there. His only real responses have been he understands, he is sorry that he has put me in this situation and he really loves me and doesn't know what he would do without me. Am I dealing with someone in a depressive state? Or am I dealing with someone that is using me and/or is settling? I am not sure if I am wasting my time. I at one time thought this was the man I was going to marry. I love him so much and it hurts to think this may be it. He says he wants to work it out. I do believe his sincerity, but want to know if I am crazy to think this is just not going to work? Am I giving up to easily?


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  • No, anyone who prefers World of Warcraft to you is not worth hanging onto!

    It's not any more complicated than that, really. Yes, just give up. He needs a psychiatrist. If you want to help him find one, that's about all you can do for him right now.


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  • No, I truly think you need to be determined and stand up to him. Tell him how it needs to be. Clearly he needs to stop playing computer games and get a job. Tell him you can't live like this anymore and if things don't change soon then it's not going to work. You don't deserve that and there are tons of other men in the world. So if he can't do that for you then I say you should move on. I only say that because it seems like you've tried on multiple occasions to work things out with him.

  • WOW has ruined your relationship and your life I know how you feel because I think its happening to me however don't bend over backwards for him. Stand up in his face, grap the laptop (@#$#% laptop) and throw the *$#@ thing out the window

  • oh this does not sound fun. I'd say give it up he apparently doesn't care about you much.