Online cheating?

i have a boyfriend that I have been with for more than 2 years and just recently I went into a chat room and started to chat with this guy. I wasnt looking for someone to cyber with or anything. we started to chat and have so much in common. we talk for 5+ hours a day and its been like 3 weeks. we even have gotten to the point of talking about meeting up in the near future. I know I would be pissed off if my boyfriend was doing this to me but I just can't bring myself to shake this other guy and stop chatting with him. I don't know what to do or why I'm even doing this to my boyfriend. does this mean I'm ready to move on from my current boyfriend since I find others more interesting than him?

i told the online guy I have a boyfriend and he still wants to talk to me and wants to make a long distance relationship. I don't know what to do since I think he will be that big WHAT IF. I don't know how to tell my boyfriend about this


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  • Could be the novelty of it all. Think about it. After two years of the same old same old, you meet this guy online. He could be anyone and anything you want him to be so you build him up in your mind, kind of like a fantasy of some sort. It's just starting out so ofcourse he's giving you all this attention that maybe your boyfriend after all this time doesn't give you anymore because you're in a complete comfort zone now.

    Don't do anything crazy right now. You HAVE to meet this other guy irl and hang out outside the net before deciding if you are really ready to give up on what you have with your bf. Maybe you are ready to move on, maybe this whole deal with new guy IS telling you that things aren't what they used to be. OR maybe although you love him, you're bored. You have to dig deeper.

    • The thing is I can't just go up the street and meet him. he lives 2 states away. it would cost time and money to meet him.

      i do feel like me and my boyfriend have entered that comfort zone because I don't get hyper and excited the night before we have a chance to hang out together. he is a great guy but I don't really feel the connection we used to have anymore. I have known him all through h/s and now 2 years into college.

      as other posters have said. this new guy has been more interesting to talk to

    • I think you are not INlove with him anymore. You love him as a person, as a friend but not romantic love. The relationship has become something you're used to but I think maybe, it's time you guys took a break or something. Got to know other ppl. You can't really be with new guy but w/e has developed there has made it clear that you are ready to move on from your bf. It'll be hard to do but it's what's best for you at the moment. That's the only way you'll truly see what you want. Good luck :)


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  • It's been over a year... what ever happened with all of this?


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  • Well, obviously something is missing form your relationship fro you to be seeking emotional connection outside of it. Be honest with yourself. If you find you love your man stop the relationship before it escalates. as someone who dated online for a number of years, it can turn very real very fast.

    If you feel you don't love your man, then do the honorable and fair thing and move on.

  • Yes, its time to move on.

  • Your situation can have two sides. The first side could be that you just like all the attention this cyber guy has given you or the similarities that you both have. Maybe when you really meet him he won't be the guy that you thought he was. The second side is that maybe you really lost the love for your man. Do you still enjoy his company? Do you guys fight often? Ask yourself questions that will make you realize what is going on in your relationship.