I seem to only want to date men who are not as good looking as me, and can't stop?

i know it probably sounds weird. thing is I am bisexual and would date a gorgeous supermodel with no problem but I can never date a guy who is as good looking as me. I just don't want to. is this wrong? I just like the feeling of being with a guy and him finding me beautiful and think he is lucky for having such a good looking girl that cares so much for him, and for some reason I think a less attractive man would not cheat on me as quickly or leave me like a man more attractive than me would.

i used to date really good looking guys, until I met my ex and had a baby. he in MY eyes was better looking than me physically and he ended up moving a hot Mexican girl into out home and ended up kicking me and me our newborn baby out, it really traumatized me. so ever since I have been repulsed by more attractive men, by automatically thinking they are nothing but big headed monsters that don't care about anyone's feelings but their own. so I go for the more nerdy, unattractive, and sometimes heavier guys.

what can I do to stop this behavior? I mean I don't mind dating unattractive men at all as long as they have a awesome personality, great sense of humor and are very intelligent. am I wrong for doing this?


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What Guys Said 1

  • youre settling, you think that in order to be happy you have to date guys that you aren't attracted to because of how you treat them and how they treat you. no girl should ever have to "just settle" especially the pretty ones, you deserve better, I'm not saying yu desere som guy like our ex but I don't think you deserve to just settle with a guy you're unattracted to. you can change this, if you really want to, but I think right now, you're too scared to, and I think maybe therapy would help you get through that fea. hope this helps :)


What Girls Said 1

  • That's exactly why you do it - because of what you went through. The sad part is that it hurt you so much that now you can only focus on the superficial stuff. I mean, we ALL are attracted to whatever types we are attracted to, but whether a guy is better looking than you or not should not be something that keeps you from dating someone who is really wonderful girl! I think there's deeper issues you have to fix because of how bad crap you went through...I definitely suggest some counseling...even just to talk out your fears you know? Good luck hun!