I want to talk to her. After hello, then what?

So I would honestly consider myself as a hot guy. I'm 19 and in college and I've had 1 serious, 14 month girlfriend and 1 like month fling thing with another. the thing is both of those I had known before because one was in my school since we started and the other was my friends cousin. Now there's this girl in my class and I want to talk to her bad. I just don't know what to say after hi. Please don't say talk about classwork because that's too cliche.


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  • Sit by her in class and start up small talk , how is your day going? ect. After you have just talked to her once not even that much. Ask her to go to lunch or something like that. Get her out of the classroom setting. tell her that you have noticed her in class and that she looks beautiful. Have confidence not cockiness. Your hot you say so that's even better. It will catch her off gaurd and probally make her day. get her number. Start by hanging out. there are all kinds of things that you can do. if you apear to be confident then she will believe it. Confidnece is sexy.

  • Yeah I totally feel you. I think you should try and be flirty. Even just smiling at her in the right moment when both your eyes kinda meet can let her know you might be into her. You did say you're hot so I'm sure you'd have no problem. If you're not shy then just go up to her after class and introduce yourself and ask her out for coffee. Don't be afraid of her response. I myself like to see confidence in a guy like that to just go out on a limb. Shows courage.


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