What are the signs of being a rebound?

So I'm starting to see this guy but we technically not dating yet. He's 18 (im 16) and he just got out of a relationship so we want to take things slow.

Well its only been like 2 weeks and we were at a party and ended up having sex. He never pushes me to have sex with him again he says he has no problem waiting.

We are planning to make things official once he meets my brother (who I live with). He's totally willing to meet him, in fact it was his idea(; He wants to make sure my bro approves because of the fact he's 18 and because he wants to be able to come over and see me without sneaking over while my bro is out.

Hes a very sweet guy and I can's see him making me just a rebound but the fact that he just got out of a relationship and that we have sex already worries me a little.

So my question is..what are the signs that I might just be a rebound for him and is there anything I can do to prevent it?


Most Helpful Guy

  • The maturity you're showing is refreshing.

    1. He talks allot about his previous relationship

    2. He does not commit all of his attention towards you while in your presence

    3. He lacks commitment and keeps you at a distance

    Can I give you some advice on the side? If you're worried about the pace at which your relationship is moving don't be afraid to slow things down. Listen to your instincts.