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What are the signs of being a rebound?

So I'm starting to see this guy but we technically not dating yet. He's 18 (im 16) and he just got out of a relationship so we want to take things... Show More

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  • The maturity you're showing is refreshing.1. He talks allot about his previous relationship2. He does not commit all of his attention towards you while in your presence 3. He lacks commitment and keeps you at a distanceCan I give you some advice on the side? If you're worried about the pace at which your relationship is moving don't be afraid to slow things down. Listen to your instincts.

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  • Everyone is different and there really is no way to know if you are the rebound. But I would have to agree partially with the girls. Take things slow and just get to know one another. Yeah, you guy's had sex and that's going to make him think he's going to get it again and very soon. Its also going to make him question things when you don't do it again. I would suggest talking to him and tell him you want to slow things down. Give your relationship 3-4 months or more without sex. If he cares about you, he'll stick around. If he starts to hang out with "the guys" more then he might not be the right one.

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  • well..different guys treat their rebounds differently, Some may be all over the rebound, some many shower them with sweetness and gifts, you should hardly ever ask a guy if you are his rebound, there is always the chance that he can lie. just look out for tiny sighs that give him away, like is he to good to be true? Chances are he is. Like if his idea was to meet your brother..i find that weird..i think he is trying to hard to be nice, Just be on your guard, don't let it go down, no matter what

  • not necessarily true what "InquisitiveMale" said because every guy is different he might not want to talk about her because when he does he is reminded of her and doesn't want to feel hurt. and my suggestion is to not have sex with him anymore because now that he saw he you gave it fast that's why he wants to meet your brother to get on hi good side and he can come and do you whenever he feels lonely, harsh? sorry the truth have more respect for yourself your better than that. take things slow and within time you will know or just ask him.

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