She's bringing a date? Um, WTF is she doing to me?

So I ask about her schedule next week so we can hang out. We decided to hang out on Wednesday night (grab dinner, then some other stuff) ... Then I start talking to her about this party we're going to this weekend. She tells me she's bringing a date, and that it's her f*** buddy? I was kind of shocked because she doesn't seem like that type of girl. She recently got out of a relationship as well... We have a lot in common and we're always doing cute little touchy flirting things but she kind of shocked me with this. What does it mean?


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  • It means that she has another side that you didn't know about...

    maybe she just finds you attractive(thats why she flirts)? and maybe she just sees you as a friend?

    the f**k buddy tells me that since she just got out of a relationship , that she isn't up for anything serious.

  • Honestly, she doesn't sound like a very classy girl. Trust me, you can do better.


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