Dating best friend's relatives?

I dated my best friend's cousin for a few months this summer and got my heart broken when he broke up with me. It's been a few months since then, but I'm still not over him. Well, my best friend's family has an annual caroling party every December, and I am kind of dreading this one because I know he'll be there. I can't skip it, though, because both her and her family (I'm very close with them) will be mad at me.

Now, here's where I be an idiot again. Her younger brother has had a crush on me ever since I met him 2 years ago. I didn't like him back at the time because he was a freshman and I was a junior and I saw him as too young for me. Well, we met up at a party a couple months ago and there was definitely something there. I felt extremely guilty about it because he's my friend's brother, so I backed off a bit. Now, however, I am talking to him more and I'm always finding myself excited to see him and I'm noticing how cute he is.

Now, I'm definitely not gonna date him anytime soon because I just got done with my friend's cousin and she would definitely be mad if I moved right on to her brother. But do you think it would be okay if maybe we dated sometime in the future, or is that still pushing it? I don't want to make get-togethers with her family any more awkward.


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  • To close to home, friends etc and you have to keep seeing them etc... safer not to or maybe put him on the back burner for when you move etc


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  • I personally think that dating her younger brother..ever would be pushing it. You don't want to get between her family and its her younger brother so she might feel more protective of him than she did with her cousin. in the end its up to you but I just don't think it would be right.