Are guys more attracted to a girl who's really independent as opposed to just a neutral type?

Just curious =)

I'm NOT talking about financially so don't answer me with the gold digger type answers.


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  • I've dated women who were very needy financially and it was not cool. I like to take women out and pay for them and feel like a man and all that, but after having to pay for e-va-ry-thang it gets annoying and I feel like I'm getting used. If she is able to stand on her own but still wants to be with me then it seems more genuine ...kinda like this girl I'm having a little fling with now.

    • I'm not the type to be needy in any way financially or anything I can take care of myself and I would rather pay for things if I'm in a relationship just because it shows that I'm not tryin to go for the guy because of his money...I've never been that way. I don't care if the guy does or he doesn't. Also because I think it should go both ways.

    • To be honest, I don't think I've ever dated a girl who told me not to pay for her every step of the way,and it gets kind of annoying and old.

    • Well I'm one of those girls who likes to take care of herself and shows it.. and I'm not talking about financially so this has got nothing to do with the question.


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  • More independent = less insecure/needy/clingy.

    • lol this question. why would anyone WANT someone to be needy. Its less of a relationship & more of a babysitting position.

      Only people who figure they have nothing to offer but money, would want that. Its like saying- I'm a loser let me buy you:)

    • I didn't say needy I said NEUTRAL. you're kind of an idiot. Don't assume so quickly.

  • What's the difference?


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  • i don't think they do because I'm a very independent girl and everyone who I have dated hate it that I'm like that. but I still don't care I don't like to depend on a guy