Is a month in between the first date and the second too long of a time distance?

or is it normal?

we've made plans before but something always comes up

Not really a month... prob like 3 weeks?. But at what point do people just say forget it & move on?


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  • It is unfortunate that you have to wait that long, but it's not the worst thing I. The world. When I went out on the first date with my current girlfriend, we clicked immediately. Due to weekend plans on both of our parts, our "official" second date wasn't until 5 weeks after.

    The key here is more about communication. If you stay in touch and communicate regularly, then it's a good sign that it's going in a positive direction. Another key factor is your first date. If you had an amazing first date in which you both enjoyed each other's company, the excitement for a second date will still be there.

    All in all, while it's not ideal, it's not immediate doom either. I had to wait 5 weeks. 8 months later were about to move in together. With that, I don't think it's as big of a deal as you think it is, as long as there are legitimate excuses as to why it's going to be so long.


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  • It really sucks that its that long, I'm in that situation right now. If its because of unavoidable things then the only thing you or your date can do is just be patient.

  • If there isn't a legit reason for the long time between dates then yes.

    • yeah it just always seems like when I want to hang out he can't or when he asks me I'm busy. Owell... I'll give it a week and if nothing happens I'll just drop it.

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  • That does seem like a really long time, but I could understand if you're both really busy people. Gotta do what you gotta do, and just be patient :)

    • As far as when you say "just forget it", I think it depends on how much you're into the other person in the first place and whether you have other contact. If I really liked a guy and was able to IM him or something in the meantime, I'd wait for a lot longer than if I was only so-so and knew I couldn't talk to him anyway.

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    • It all comes down to what you're okay with, I guess. With one of my exes, we spent about three weeks in between seeing one another (before we became official), but we were okay with it because we could Skype. If you're uncomfortable not having very much contact, then speak up about it or find some other way to resolve the situation.

    • It doesn't bother me cause I keep busy but I just think that if he really wanted to see me that bad then he would of made an effort to but at the same time if he wasn't interested at all then he wouldn't be texting me

  • Me too
    :( But I was so bad on the first meet. He tried to talk to me. I almost didn't say anything, only nodded and shook my head. I can't understand why end of all that, he still asked me about second meet, "do want to meet me again?", dinner..
    He ask me go out many times, but I alway skip it, refused. Althought I want to meet him again. I think he is good, maybe. After 1 month, will him forget me?