1st Date at a Bar , Good or Bad ?

Is that alright to take your 1st date to a bar ?! do you think that'd appropriate ?

How bout this , what if uve known this girl for a long time , but you met her couple of times in uni and helped her out in uni projects , so we've planed to go to a bar this Friday , is that considered a date or just a friendly hangout ?!
... as I for my past experience with a girl that I was hanging out for a while and eventually I told that I like her more than a friend and she told to be just friendz ! I don wanna ruin everything on this one ~ any advice regarding to this ?


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  • a bar is super risky because it may lead her to thinking that you just want to get her drunk which is not exactly something every girl wants for her first date with a guy. but then again it all depends on the girl. all I know is if a guy took me to a bar for a first date he better be one hell of a date for me to go on a second one.

    • So the whole idea of dating in a bar is wrong I guess .. ?

    • not completely. maybe for a fun night out. but not a first date.


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  • a bar is kind of weird for a first date.. how about happy hour? like apple bees has a great happy hour so you can still drink but then its a restaraunt too so you guys can just chill , relax , talk get som eyummy appetizers and drinks! they have brewtus for 3 bucks..not bad. but just a bar I would say nay

  • A bar seems kinda lame. to your update, if you guys are just friends but you like her more than a friend take her some where else not a bar, cause it gives the girl the impression you only want to have a few drinks and go on from there.

    She may like you based on the short detailed update you gave

    • so where would you recommend to take her so I can get her attention ~ I mean I really like her and I've gotta let her know ~ though I don't know when or how without ruining things .

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    • u mean I tell her that like her more than a friend ?! isn't that a bit soon as far as she just broke up with her bf

    • Well then I guess you gotta take what the date gives u. But ask her out to another and joke around a little before you go and say well then its a date.

  • I'd think it fine as long as you both keep the drinking to a reasonable amount.


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  • Ive done it and wouldn't recommend it. The atmosphere is more of a friendly one, and eventually her friends show up and its just a bunch of drink people hanging out.

    I don't understand what you said in your update. You've known her a long time, but met her only a couple of times? Huh? I'm thinking its just friendly hanging out, but I guess it depends on who's going with you, why, etc. Either way it doesn't matter - all dates are is just two people hanging out getting to know one another - don't put more pressure on yourself

    • ive known her for like 2 years but just sayin hi . I've met her 4-5 times in past two months ~

      what would you suggest then , take her on a dinner or somethin?

    • Not sure- depends on the girl. Id probably either try going for coffee (afterwards, ask if she'd like to have dinner sometime), or go to the gym and play squash or something. Physical activity increases attraction between people - the woman phychologically will associate fun with you by engaging in an physical activity. Lots of research has been done on that

  • I once took a girl to a gay bar on a first date, and it turned out great. She did ask me if I was gay and I was like, "why would you think that?". Least I didn't have to worry about her going home with someone else, though she may have been worried that I would...