Dating a ex-boyfriend again?

my ex boyfriend and I dated for 3 years. we broke up a year ago and haven't really spoken or seen each other since. recently we started talking, and for some reason I just want to keep talking to him I want to see him. for the most part our relationship went pretty well, but I think we broke up because we needed to work on ourselves. should I give this another shot.. or am I just living in the happy to be in a relationship past?


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  • If you know what was the cause of the break-up in the first place, try and think about how likely it'll happen again. I don't mean to tell you to sound pessimistic, but before you get yourself into anything like that with the guy again, it'd be best to see if you both have worked (and fixed) the problems that caused it in the first place.

    Example, guy's a flirt--break up due to excessive flirting with other girls. If he still flirts around, no go. If he fixed that, all green. Crappy example, but it's one from the top of my head.


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  • I'd ask first, what have you both gone onto do in the year you've been apart? Have you been involved with anyone else since? Do you feel you've gotten over the relationship and are thinking objectively? I broke up with my girlfriend 2 days ago and would love to think I can think straight but I know deep down that at the moment I am tainted by what I want to happen. Also consider if the reasons you broke up still exist or have you both developed sufficiently that things will be different? Do you think he is thinking along the same lines as you? Was your relationship great or is there someone better out there for you? Sorry to answer your question with more questions but these are things only you know the answer to and the answers will dictate if it's worth the risk of getting hurt again. It can't hurt to go out for a chat and spend a few hours together, just casual like. See how you feel and go from there.

    Good luck :)

    • we have both had sex with other people in the past year, but haven't been in any other relationships. and I can say I've been over the relationship because we weren't speaking... but now that we started to speak its bringing a lot back. our relationship was pretty good, we broke up when I came to college I wanted to enjoy the experience and we weren't really able to see each other. but now he is working and out of school.. we have been talking quite a lot.

  • from my experience you need to be able be comfortable with yourself. your natural desire to stay in that comfortable niche will keep wanting him around. Of course this could defiantly be a case of puppy love. If can not stay together for 3 years and be happy you need to think how that pans out in the future. I suggest seeing other people for a while and see if you feel the same. Infatuation can lead to mutually destructive relationships. Hope I could enlighten with some fresh ideas. choa.


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  • Well, first... I'm going to ask you, that if you're getting feelings for him again, take it slow, start the dating part again, don't have sex on the first date and get to know the "new" each other again :)

    Talk to each other about the parts of your relationship that you needed to fix, help each other fix it :)

    It's okay to date an ex, I don't see anything wrong with it :) So if you feel like giving it another shot and if he feels like it too... Give the relationship a second chance, you both owe it to your selves!

    But don't get your hopes to high for it and don't put up high standards for your relationship :) Just make it work in it's own time and take it slow :)

    I hope this helps you making your decision :)