Dating a single mom?

OK guys just wanted to know your thoughts on dating a single mother with 2 kids under 3.. Is this a turn off? I just have this weird thought in the back of my mind that nobody will date me because I have kids.


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  • Some guys might not want to date someone with kids. Other guys might actually prefer a woman with kids. Although it may seem you are losing out on a lot of potential guys, this is actually a good thing, because it will ensure that the ones who do want to be with you are more committed...


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  • To be completely honest that would be sort of a turn off for me. Especially if the father of your kids was just getting out of jail or something lol But if you meet a guy with a big enough heart he won't mind and would help raise your kids like they were his own I know a guy who did just that.


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  • dont you dare feel that way! think positive. yeah there are some guys who are not going to like that, or are scared or intimidated or afraid of having to deal with father... however there are a lot of nice men out there who care less! think positive, be yourself, show your kids off. a man who doesn't want to be with you because you have children isn't worth it. your children are number one and once someone sees that and respects it you will know. its a turn off only for the guys who are too immature. smile. be happy, don't worry