What is a fun thing to do on the first date?

the question explains it pretty well


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  • I'm gonna dissagree with joshu.

    The best thing to do is just do dinner. I've done the bowling, baseball game and fun "activity" based dates but the problem is that you really don't know this person. The biggest reason why having food is good is that it only last 30 minutes tops.

    This is more then enough time to get to know the person and if the date goes sour, you don't have to endure that much awkwardness.

    Everyone knows how to eat so there's no conflict in being good at the activity.

    The objective is to see if the two of you are compatable, if in 30 minutes the two of you didn't click, it wasn't ment to be. After that you two can start to do the funner dates.


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  • Firstly, it depends on your motives.but hoping your motives are noble and you want to get to know the girl:

    You want to do something that keeps the two of you engaged.hopefully with each other.

    So for example: a movie is not necessarily a good first date because you are both engaging the screen.

    You want her to see your fun side (if you have one) and that you can hold a conversation. An activity makes both of those happen. You can spice things up with activities too, so don't think that first dates are always boring.

    Some activities: Bowling, taking Salsa lessons together, Ice Skating.etc.

    Make sure to choose something that you can shine in but will not be tooo difficult for her to do if she is new to it.

    Also, if you are more of the "sophisticated" kind and prefer talking: a simple dinner and walk should be adequate.


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  • Just get to know each other over lunch or something. Maybe walk around the mall or go for ice cream, that way its not completely one-on-one, it'll relieve some of the nerves. Do something you'll both enjoy and just have fun with it.

    Maybe try doing 20 questions with him. I did this with my boyfriend and we learned a lot about each other pretty quickly. Basically each of you can think of 20 questions to ask the other person, without judgement. If he asks a question, he gives you what his answer would be for the question then you tell him your answer. Then you ask a question and the same thing applies. Its actually a fun game to play when getting to know each other :)

  • Talk about things you both like. Try to figure out new things about each other. Don't pry for personal information, just anything he'll give up freely.

    Usualy, if the moods right, the date it's self is fun, just don't be to serious.

  • bowling is fun. the key thing is communication on your first date. you wanna be able to interact with one- another.

  • idk the movies? haha