Can anything happen between us after a one night stand?

I had drunk sex with a guy at a party. We had only known each other for about two months, after starting at a new school, and were in the same group of friends. There was a mutual attraction and one thing led to another... afterward we didn't talk to each other for a while because of the sheer awkwardness, but like I said, we're in the same friend group so inevitably we're on speaking terms again. It's pretty much impossible to just ignore each other when you're always hanging out, albeit with mutual friends. We joke around like we're platonic, but it doesn't take away from the fact that we hooked up. Is it possible for a guy to just stop liking a girl like that? Is he no longer attracted, or does he think he would be leading me on by hooking up again? Is it possible for him to just be completely no longer interested? Could we ever date, or is it too late?

I just think it's so strange to have sex with someone that you really fancied and then develop a platonic friendship.

If you're a guy, what would you be thinking/feeling? If you're a girl, what advice can you give me? Has anyone had similar experiences?


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  • I'm in the same boat..But I work with the guy and it wasn't drunk sex. Things have been weird for a few days but he seems to be coming back around slowly. Just give it some time...then talk to him alone. That's what I plan to do in a couple of days. I wish guys would just tell us what's on their minds so we can sleep at night! Remember to show him you can get past it by treating the same be4 it happened. If you were flirty, still be flirty just on a lower key. Ease him into being comfortable again. It's working for me so far. Best of luck hun!


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  • I believe that he's not speaking to you much becouse of the awkwardness. He's probably worried about making it even more awkward because you two are such good friends. If that happened to me I would find it pretty awkward to talk to them as well, because the fact you slept with your friend, and there was no relationship associated with it except the friendship. that's my only guess as to why he I's all of a sudden shy to talk to you.


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  • Ask him if he wants to get together. Talk it out alone.

    • if he liked you enough he would confront you, and he's probably keeping to himself if he did like you because of the awkwardness of the situation it might create, but most likey he just wants to be friends.. it all depends on you relationship with him.. if you two only chill together with other friends, then he probably doesn't like you like that.