Older women dating younger men?

I am 21 years old, and I'm attractive to all kinds of women, my age range and even older then me, I don't know but just the thought that she is older then me, it turns me on, even if she's a year older then me lolz. So I was wondering why do most women have a problem dating younger guys, and I'm aware its because they think we might be immature or just too young, but I want to know why women have a problem with dating younger men like me?


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  • I date a lot of older women. My last three girlfriends were 30, 27, and 28. I'm 22. I don't think it's "immaturity" per say as to why a lot of older women look over younger guys. It's money. Older women are usually looking to find someone they can start a family with so they want a dude that can take care of them. I usually steer clear of these. If you come from a wealthy family or you have a degree from a real good college and your like 22, you'll get a lot of "cougars" coming after you. I'll bet anything on it.

    The older women I go after are the ones that are just looking to enjoy life. They usually have a career, and they just want to have a man to hang out with and have good sex. A lot of these women are divorced because they married lame ass first husbands. I don't date women with kids, but most of them are divorced. I've had many meals, clothes, and gifts that were paid by ex husband alimony checks, haha. Suckers.

    If you want an older woman, you have to just be a guy that can give them something men their age can't. This is usually fun nights, wild sex, and good looks.

    Older women are a dream, dude. I strongly suggest you find one. You'll never look at 21 year old girls again. They don't compare.

    • Hahahaha! when you're 40, then you'll be looking at the 21 year olds :P

      But indeed; when I was in my mid 20's, I dated the older women, and a lot of them were like, this is what I want, this is what I need, if you can't handle it, leave. Loved it. No games to be played, and yea, compared to the 20 year old women...well, no comparison.

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    • Hahah miss dominican republic? that's wassup man props..im half dominican I love those women.

    • No doubt, good looking out man, I can deff do all that.

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  • I think that initially women tend to think that younger guys are immature and don't really want to be involved in anything serious. However, from experience, I believe that ALL guys are immature and don't want to be involved in anything serious (ha ha just joking).

    But seriously, I think what it comes down is the individual person and the chemistry that you have with someone else. I could care less (to an extent) about a guys age, as long as he treated me right and we both wanted the same things out of the relationship. If you keep coming across women that are older than you and brush off cause of your age, prove to them that you are serious and convey what you want in the relationship. The best thing to do is just be yourself and eventually (regardless of age) you will find the perfect girl :)

  • I am one of them, who have problem dating younger guys. For me I'm not sure that he is going to take this relationship seriously or he just want to sleep with me. For me to date younger guys he have to work hard to convince me that he wants a serious relationship with me. I learned my lesson hard way because I let my guard down and he left for me someone younger than me. I'll never trust any younger guys anymore. I'm done with them and hope never to date one again.lol

    • It's always those dumb guys that wreck it for us nice ones!

  • You are right it is mainly the maturity level. Every once in a while I will run across a man younger than me who is no longer a boy. His sex appeal is incredible! A confident mature man who respects me and looks me in the eye is sexy as hell. I'm sure deep down he still has maturing to do but I would help him out with that :)

  • I think that it's really what we're used to seeing; older men with younger women. Honestly, though, society is changing so that older women dating younger men is now more accepted, although it's not the norm as of yet (or even close).

    I personally know a lot of women who are dating younger men. My boyfriend is only one month younger than myself, so I don't know if you'll count that. :P Still, we joke about me being older sometimes.

    If you care about your significant other, age doesn't matter.

  • most younger guys aren't mature. after the retarted experiences I've had. I won't date anyone who is younger than three years older then me. .i mean age is nothing but a number. depends on the person I guess


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  • HAHAHAHAHA! I wish I had that problem.

    I've got women that are 35 and older hitting on me left and right. It just depends on how you carry yourself bud. For one thing, older women do a lot of judging of younger men based on how they dress. I never knew about that, but the more conservative you dress, the more attention you'll potentially get.

    There's other stuff, but you'll have to figure it out for yourself. Unfortunately, older women are not what I am after, so all the attention I get is wasted.