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My boyfriend isn't texting me back?

I have been dating my boyfriend for almost a year now and we talk almost everyday. Last night he sent me a message saying "I need to talk to... Show More

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  • It sounds as if he either cheated or wanted to break up, and is now deciding whether he wants to go through with telling you after sleeping on it. Give him a call to see what's up.

    • I just called him. He didn't answer. But his phone is on. I've been trying to get a hold of him all day. And I'm really scared...

    • Nothing more you can do until he decides to talk. Best not to pester him too much or you'll seem desperate. If you've called him, just let him come to you now and try to distract yourself.

  • the samething happen wiith to mi with one of my boyfriend he text me saying that we needed to talk but I didn't see it untill the next morning . so when I called him he would deny my call or would ring and ring , so then I did text him and nothing and I was really confused so that same after noon I saw him and he walked up to mi and said that we really needed a break I said okii and 2 days latter got back toghter:) hopfullly he calls back good luck

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