Should I kiss the guy I love even though he may not realize it yet?

A guy I like we have been around each other for over 4 years I feel he is my soul mate. I feel there is a general connection between us. I have kissed him on the cheek and I want to take it that step further. I want to kiss him for Christmas and the lips not a sexy kiss just a simple kiss, I am not sure how he will take it.


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  • This must be a joke. Your posted age (Over 45) doesn't match up with this question. This type of question generally comes from a teenager. 4 years and you think he is your soulmate...but your not sure how he will handle a kiss? Are you just going to come up behind him and lay one on him...or do you guys date frequently during these four years, but don't do anything passionate or sexual.

    Maybe try something a little more hang out one of your boobs and see if he likes that...


What Girls Said 1

  • If you have known this guy for 4 years, and you are not sure of his reaction for your kissing him on the mouth...I would recommend that you DO NOT attempt this for Christmas! You could be setting yoruself up for disapointment. Instead, go for it on a non-holiday timeframe (like, tomorrow). That way, if it's a negative reaction, your entire holiday isn't ruined as a result.