She will not respond to any call or text. Please help a clueless guy. What should I do?

Please bear with me as I am new to this site.

There is this girl who I liked and I have asked her out recently. She agreed, but only after school examinations were done. Right afterward, I decided to call and text her about the date, but she was busy with another midterm that same week so I said OK maybe another time which she did not respond at all. I was given the impression that she was uninterested and said yes in the beginning so I wouldn't be hurt by a rejection.

Recently, one of our mutual friends, was drunk and told her I really liked her and asked what was going on. My mutual friend said that she doesn't know if she likes me, didn't feel like I was pursuing her enough, and that she really was busy that time and wasn't trying to make up excuses. Learning that, I really want to meet up with her and talk about this, but she will not respond to any call or text. Can't see her in class anymore since school is over.

What should I do?


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  • forget about her, find someone else to focus on. she isn't interested, busy studying is bs. the more to text or call her at this point the more she is going to be uninterested and think you're creepy. she hasn't the balls to tell you honestly she isn't interested so she is ignoring you . sorry bud.


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  • I have to agree with the two guys below - you better move on!


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  • Move on.

    She's not interested in you, man. If she was, she would have gone out on a date.

    As for her saying you're not trying hard Structured woman there...and structured women are trouble.

    Don't waste your time.

  • I hope girls on this website are learning that saying NO is better than trying to be nice.