Do you think its ok to hang out with them ?

I have been hanging out with my sister and her boyfriend and two form his friends , I like to go out with they all see me like their little sister thinks they always ask me sister how is your sister ? I email them talk to them on my sister's phone , anyways about the hanging out it started like this .her boyfriend tells her we are going to the cinma bring your sister (they are older then me by 6 years ) .to me their my big brothers I like them so much so I was wondering I go out with them one or two times in mounth do you think its too much or its ok to hang out with them .or do you think that I should take a long break but I think I will be little sad bcuz I start to get used to see them . what do you think I should do ?


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  • Ask your sister for her opinion. Even though it probably would hurt your feelings tell her to be honest with you that no matter what advice she gives that it won't hurt your feelings that you just need her to tell you the truth as to what she thinks.

    • Already did she was cool with it ans told me nah if I don't want you there I wouldn't tell you to come or anything :P so I think it ok thx 4 the answer


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  • Well if you wanna hang out with them and they wanna hang out with you.


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  • Hey! Well I think that maybe, it's ok if you like hanging out with them but I don't think you should do it all the time because I guess they also need their time alone as friends because of their age, and just make sure that your sister isn't feeling uncomfotable with you around as well.good luck and have fun :)!