Am I reading too much into this...?

I've recently began chatting with my ex-fling again and while we both moved on, had kids and are currently in those relationships I think about him ALL the time and wonder if he misses me too. He tells me that he's not happy with his baby's mom and they are just together basically to raise their kids. I understand this because my situation is the same. I get butterflies in my stomach when I see him online or when he texts me. We flirt around a bit (racy suggestions and I've sent him a picture of my chest) but he's more into "being good" than I am. He doesn't want drama he says. I would totally be willing to have an affair with him but in all honesty I'd like a relationship. Are his flirty actions just something guys do when they're bored or is his almost daily email or FB message a sign that he could be open to more?


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  • sounds like there's unfinished business with the two of you.


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  • If you're not happy, get out. Be willing to totally crush someone's heart and throw any regard for their feelings out of the window? God forbid your spouse ever finds out... he won't ever be the same. Stop what you're doing, or get the hell out of your relationship if you aren't happy. And wait until he is out of his. Regardless of the fact that you both say you aren't happy, there are two other people involved in this situation (not counting the kids) who's going to be torn apart by this.