How many of you have an OkCupid account?

And has it worked out for you?! I had one a couple of months ago... It was fun and all, I just want to know how popular this dating website is.


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  • Apparently "account" is taking it to the extreme lol

    Nope, don't have an online dating account. I'm not really a fan of it to be honest. I'd much rather meet someone in person. My experiences with online dating sites is actually a lot through my friends. I used to have an account with a local website that doubled as sort of a community events type of site too. So it was actually more useful to me as an events calendar of what was going on than it was for dating.

    But yeah, my friends have used things like OKCupid and Plenty of Fish before. Call me whatever, but online dating sites (around my area) tend to attract ladies with some sort of underlying issue. Where I live is a pretty big place, so it's not hard to meet people. So the people who are online on those sites are a majority of people with some sort of insecurity about dating or meeting people. Whether it be a kid or some kind of emotional problem, a lot of people that my friends have brought around were using those sites BECAUSE of something that was up with them. I don't think they're "freaks" or anything like that, it's just that it's a hotbed for emotional baggage, which I'm not interested in.

    Now I can understand perfectly if you live in a small area and it's a better way to meet people. By all means, go for it. But if you live someplace where I do, it's not hard to meet people. The only way you can't meet people is if you either don't like to, or are afraid/anxious too.

    So yeah, I'd still prefer the old fashioned way. I feel more comfortable meeting someone in person. I can gauge them and see how they act. I can just get a sense of them better than by just reading an "About Me" and seeing messages from them.


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  • Online dating is garbage. I gave up.

  • account is censored, security has gone so far lately! LOL


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