Why don't many ladies cook anymore?

Why don't many ladies cook anymore? Are gender roles changing?

It seems like many Men are in the kitchen now as a way to woo a woman. It seems ladies have taken this as their chance to stop all the cooking to try and win a guys affection.

So seriously, is it just me thinking this, or do girls not cook anymore? I am not referring to mothers or much more mature ladies.

After reading all of these responses, I am pretty sure women have forgotten the age old secret to finding a man who will love you forever happily. The secret is in the form of a quote.

"The secret to a man's heart is through his stomach"

So I was thinking about this earlier today. Many times ladies get angry when a guy treats a girl like she is a piece of meat. I bet if a girl learned how to cook a actual piece of meat extremely well guys will stop treating her like she is one.promise
Do you think that neither a man or women cooking leads to eating out more? I hypothesize that a person in a home cooking is very unlikely to make a meal as fattening as restaurants can. Then that leads to obesity?Not cooking leads to obesity?
Let me add that I am not saying cooking is part of the "wooing process" that a girl must do to get a guy.

I am saying that a girl who already has a significant relationship SHOULD be able to help with the cooking. Show you care in the kitchen! :-)
A girl recently made me waffles with strawberries and blueberries. And bacon. Left me druelling...lol


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  • seriously?...It's not like women are sitting out there rubbing their hands together scheming of the next way we can dastardly take advantage of men...

    honestly, most of us have been taught how to cook, its really not that difficult if you can read and can afford the ingredients.

    I'll break it down for you like this. Back in the day, most women started their cooking careers when they got married and had a husband and soon after a family to feed. Now most people don't get married till their late 20's and early 30's. Cooking for your boyfriend was never part of the wooing process...as it should go, the male should do the wooing, not the female (although this can be different in some cases and I'm not saying that this is only way to go about it). If you're just cooking for yourself why take lots of time, effort and money when you're already pressed all for all three. This leads to my second point. Studies have shown that in the US there is a higher percentage of women that go to college as compared to men. This also leads you to believe that there's a higher percentage of women in successful, high-paying careers as well (since the two are directly correlated). This is not to say that there are no men out there who are successful or make lots of money, I'm just saying the balance is swaying. Therefore wouldn't it also fit that its more acceptable for the gender roles within the home to also sway?

    So to sum this up...yes girls do cook, but because we're stressed, tired and poor (just like everyone else out there) we don't get fancy with it. And unless we feel like we want to do something really special for our guy, we're not going to cook every night for you unless you prove that you're worth our time. We're not scheming on how to make you love us as you seem to think.

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      Beautifully said.

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      guys like to cook to .. don't get sexist not

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      exactly, most women know how to cook, its just that they are far too bone idle and lazy to do so, and thus rely on the man while they sit back and watch sh*t on TV.

      Besides, womens food taste like sh*t. all the best chefs in the world are men. (ps. I'm a chef).

      Same goes with hair cutting. I would NEVER EVER in my life let a woman hairdresser cut my hair. I learned that very valuable lesson when I was a kid. I think the government should force women from a young age to attend cooking classes.