Why don't many ladies cook anymore?

Why don't many ladies cook anymore? Are gender roles changing?

It seems like many Men are in the kitchen now as a way to woo a woman. It seems ladies have taken this as their chance to stop all the cooking to try and win a guys affection.

So seriously, is it just me thinking this, or do girls not cook anymore? I am not referring to mothers or much more mature ladies.

After reading all of these responses, I am pretty sure women have forgotten the age old secret to finding a man who will love you forever happily. The secret is in the form of a quote.

"The secret to a man's heart is through his stomach"

So I was thinking about this earlier today. Many times ladies get angry when a guy treats a girl like she is a piece of meat. I bet if a girl learned how to cook a actual piece of meat extremely well guys will stop treating her like she is one.promise
Do you think that neither a man or women cooking leads to eating out more? I hypothesize that a person in a home cooking is very unlikely to make a meal as fattening as restaurants can. Then that leads to obesity?Not cooking leads to obesity?
Let me add that I am not saying cooking is part of the "wooing process" that a girl must do to get a guy.

I am saying that a girl who already has a significant relationship SHOULD be able to help with the cooking. Show you care in the kitchen! :-)
A girl recently made me waffles with strawberries and blueberries. And bacon. Left me druelling...lol


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  • seriously?...It's not like women are sitting out there rubbing their hands together scheming of the next way we can dastardly take advantage of men...

    honestly, most of us have been taught how to cook, its really not that difficult if you can read and can afford the ingredients.

    I'll break it down for you like this. Back in the day, most women started their cooking careers when they got married and had a husband and soon after a family to feed. Now most people don't get married till their late 20's and early 30's. Cooking for your boyfriend was never part of the wooing process...as it should go, the male should do the wooing, not the female (although this can be different in some cases and I'm not saying that this is only way to go about it). If you're just cooking for yourself why take lots of time, effort and money when you're already pressed all for all three. This leads to my second point. Studies have shown that in the US there is a higher percentage of women that go to college as compared to men. This also leads you to believe that there's a higher percentage of women in successful, high-paying careers as well (since the two are directly correlated). This is not to say that there are no men out there who are successful or make lots of money, I'm just saying the balance is swaying. Therefore wouldn't it also fit that its more acceptable for the gender roles within the home to also sway?

    So to sum this up...yes girls do cook, but because we're stressed, tired and poor (just like everyone else out there) we don't get fancy with it. And unless we feel like we want to do something really special for our guy, we're not going to cook every night for you unless you prove that you're worth our time. We're not scheming on how to make you love us as you seem to think.

    • Beautifully said.

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    • guys like to cook to .. don't get sexist not

    • exactly, most women know how to cook, its just that they are far too bone idle and lazy to do so, and thus rely on the man while they sit back and watch sh*t on TV.

      Besides, womens food taste like sh*t. all the best chefs in the world are men. (ps. I'm a chef).

      Same goes with hair cutting. I would NEVER EVER in my life let a woman hairdresser cut my hair. I learned that very valuable lesson when I was a kid. I think the government should force women from a young age to attend cooking classes.

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  • It takes a lot of time and effort to make a meal. And I have been using my cooking as a new strategy to woo a guy I like. I think it's working :) But it doesn't work for every guy. Some guys just don't appreciate a girl who can cook. If you don't appreciate it, then it becomes hard for the girl to stay motivated to do it.

    It can also be a lot of stress and be expensive to buy all the ingredients. In my time dating, I have rarely, and I mean one guy has only cooked for me. So I think it works both ways. I met a guy once who thought that it was solely the woman's job to stay in the kitchen, clean and cook. Well he obviously didn't win my affections.

    My strategy right now is to make a nice meal, and the guy I am wooing comes and helps me. Not because I have asked him to, he just helps because he wants to :) Makes me feel appreciated. And so I feel he deserves delicious food. And I make sure he gets a good meal when he comes to my house!

    So if you want a woman to cook for you, or at least help, make it a rewarding experience for her too! Cooking together can be fun, and tell her how much you like cooking with her! She will be more apt to want to cook if you make it fun and show your appreciation!

  • I tried cooking for a guy I liked once, on the advice of a male friend. Nope. Never again. I wasted my time and energy worrying about making the perfect dinner and having the perfect menu. He didn't even want to go out with me after that. Never again.

    • was the food terrible.

    • There is a chance the guy just wanted to have sex with you, did not like the meal or did not like you.

      Cooking is in ADDITION to who you are, not everything.

    • Guys don't want the 'perfect' meal or the 'perfect' woman. They want one that's good enough.

  • I couldn't tell you. Maybe it has something to do with women having a wider array of hobbies that are considered 'acceptable' for a woman to have, in recent times, versus the almost mandatory every-woman-ends-up-a-housewife days. So it might not be that less women cook or enjoy cooking, so much as there are just a lot of other things out there to enjoy as well. And women who back in the day would likely have been stuck in the role of wife-mother-cook-housekeeper whether the cooking bit appealed to them or not, don't feel that kind of pressure anymore socially. They don't enjoy cooking, but would have done it anyway, whereas nowadays they don't enjoy cooking, so they don't cook. Times just change, and people change with them.

    I don't believe that women should be forced into that kind of role, or that it should be frowned upon for men to take on that role. I feel that if you enjoy cooking and spending time in the kitchen, then you should do so, regardless of gender. And if you don't, then don't.

    Personally, I like to cook. I cook and bake all the time. I enjoy it, and I'm good at it because I care enough and love it enough to be good at it. I cook for myself, and I like cooking for others, especially if they really enjoy and appreciate the food I prepare. I put in a lot of time and effort, so it's nice when people acknowledge that. On the other hand, I wouldn't enjoy it nearly as much if I were the only one doing it, all the time. Then it becomes less of a joy, and more like a chore, and it's easy to end up feeling taken for granted. Ideally, I would love to be with a guy who can have fun in the kitchen with me sometimes, or even cook for ME on occasion, and appreciate food the way I do, all the intricacies and creativity that can go into it; Not just for how good something tastes when I make it for them. Though that's always a plus too. =P

  • hahahaha this is funny, but, roles have reversed, women pay at the restaurant and men cook at home

  • I love to cook, but then my mum's Italian so it's just this huge part of her culture. I think if I hadn't liked cooking I would have been disowned. I never have take aways, rarely eat out -only on special occasions and my mum and I cook fresh food every night and we sit down as a family to eat. I bake my own bread, grow most of my own vegetables, make my own candy and sweets and jams without the preservatives. I don't care it's old fashioned and I intend to continue this tradition when I have my own family. Doesn't mean I wouldn't let my man cook, just that I like to do it. I find it therapeutic..

    • The first and only time I fell in love was to an Italian girl who could cook like a master.

      It was Very nice!

  • I know how to cook. Difference is, most guys don't want to eat what I cook. I can't eat fast food. I can't eat steak and potatoes. I can't eat tacos. I can't eat pizza. I'm not saying 'won't', I'm saying 'can't'.

    So, if you're in the mood for vegetarian spaghetti with squash noodles, I'm on it. You want turkey with gravy and biscuits, you're on your own.

    • If the problem is that a man only wants to eat fast food style food ...then that might be his own problem. I can agree to that.

      but GOOD tasting food that is healthy is what should be made.

    • raw food is healthiest actually...

    • ok, so let's not say cooking food. For your sake when you say raw food is healthier, I then want food to be prepared.

      So, I will say prepared from now on for you.


      A great chef can make a meal that is healthy and satisfying in taste. I am sure there is something that is super tasty and like what a guy and you wants to eat that you could make and works for everyone.

  • Its not that I won't cook, its just that I am terrible at it...so probably not a good idea to eat what I cook, you might end up not coming back from it...lol

    Although I make a damn good cheese sandwich!...ha ha ha...

    • if you practice cooking you will get better, just like everything else in life.

    • nah, I tend to set the kitchen on fire...no, I'm not too bad really, I just don't enjoy cooking.

  • You should probably educate yourself a little more. Or at least try not to come off as ignorant. It's about as unattractive as a girl not being able to "cook a actual piece of meat extremely well", as you would say.

    • I am being friendly.

      You might just be taking it personally because you cannot cook?

    • no probably more because I just finished writing an exam on gender stereotyping today haha

    • Touche'

      Well I guess I should not expect my lady to cook for me every night if I don't come back home shirtless all rugged with an axe and firewood in hand...

  • Women cook. Maybe not all of us...but I do.

    Although, I do go to college, so I really haven't got a lot of time for it. And I'll have even less time after I get a job...so it may happen that I'll be cooking for anyone (including myself) once a month tops...

    It's not that women don't like/want to cook...it's that we don't have time for it anymore!

    Ad least that's what is happening to me...

    • So if a man AND a women work, does that mean that nobody cooks?

      I remember seeing adults that are together, where the man cooks dinner. Both work, but for some reason the women is always too tired to cook or some excuse.

      The one thing and only thing I can think of in your defense is that women would likely do thirty minutes to an hour more a day to look good then men do. Some even more than that. But still, you DO have time to cook!

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    • whoever did not cook cleans. Or if both people cooked, then both can clean!

    • Haha

      It's all so well organized in your head...but life isn't so organized...ever...

  • i love cooking! its okay for a man to cook sometimes. its nice for a woman to be treated once in a while by a nice home made cooked meal. but like I said I cook all the time. I used to be a chef in few diffrent places. (including steakhouse, convention center and organic cafe)

    • marry me? Just playing.

      But in all seriousness, do you feel that your ability to cook has made MORE GUYS come falling to your knees for you?

    • haha. its definitly a plus. I try to make a nice cooked meal every day. after work and stuff. I mix things up, soups, pasta, shrimp, steak, chicken. etc

  • ha! true I have noticed that I am like one of my only friends that cooks. welp I think ladies figure like this.. If a have sex with him I don't have to cook. sad... but I see it in the trends.

    • So the trend ends up being, "If I have sex with him, I do not have to __"

      You realize this is why men use women for sex? They realize that after they get sex, there is nothing else left the girl can offer them. You should tell this to your friends.

      Girls are being less and less like women, and more and more like whores in this case.

      It is very sad.


    • lol I know right?

  • My boyfriend claims he can't cook and the only thing he knows how to do is boil water for pasta. I don't know if that is his excuse not to cook or if he's being honest. I know it's very likely that it could be both. I've cooked a few meals for him over that past two years and I've tried to get him in the kitchen to help me, but all he does is watch me.

  • feminism didn't cause people to do anything. People created feminism, just saying.. I saw it mentioned. Women can cook or not cook if you want to be with someone who cooks then don't get involved with someone who can't.

    • So you believe not everyone should know how to cook?

      That is like saying not everyone should think about attending school, or getting a job, or bathing regularly or shaving. making food for yourself, or your family seems to be a basic human principle.

      If nobody ever wanted to learn how to cook at the beginning of mankind, we would have become extinct really quick.

      So, then if I cook, and I have a job and I provide for everyone, does that mean I get to pick qualities I want in a girl? nope.

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    • exactly...cooking should be part of a need basis.

      Unfortunately, many girls will rely on a man to either cook for them or take them out to dinner. That is crap! Everyone should at some point learn to cook so they can learn to take care of themselves.

      I guess I imagine if a person cannot cook that might just be ONE of the ways that they cannot take care of themselves.

    • Wel OK I take care of myself & I don't waste money going out to eat. So I'm not familiar with this trend.. yea sure in general everyone should be competent & bot be lazy,

  • Why exactly do you believe she have to start out in the kitchen to begin with? You now the best chefs are cooks?

    • you mean the best chef's are men?*

      Also, just because a man is better at something in theory, that does not mean that women don't have to do it.

      If it turned out one day that women were better car mechanics, would all men be allowed to quit fixing cars..and send out women to do it?


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    • "I don't even like cooked food"

      what food are you referring to? Cold Sanwhiches?

    • I do love sandwiches they are great. If you know about food & are creative, you can fit a whole meal between bread & best of all they are portable. (I hate sitting to eat)

      I also eat vegetables ( salads with many diff kinds of vegetables, diff forms protein, diff sources of essential oil) nuts ,seeds, yogurt,soy milk, tofu, protein shakes, seaweed, nutritional yeast, cereal,milk, fruit. I eat basically everything except meat, sugar, cream, msg, artificial additives&stimulants, hydrogenated oils.

  • I cook , my boyfriend cooks ... we have equal roles

  • Well I'm a Southern girl from Tennessee and I was always told by my mother that " A way to a man's heart was through his stomach". As I was growing up I've always known for my mother cooking , some good soul food everyday . And by the time my father got home dinner was always made. When I was 14-16 years old that's when my grandma and my mother started to tech me how to cook; and they would always tell me they where doing this because I was going to be a wife someday. I come from a huge family who loves to cook ; and 98% of the females cook for their husbands. I don't know if its just a southern thing , but we still cook for our men .

    • Well, you might be surprised to know that some women have no desire to learn how to cook. Some prefer to simply eat out for every meal or depend on their man to cook.

      In your opinion, what do you think about this?

    • I love to cook , I'm currently not married at the time, but when I do Mr. Right , he'll certainly have dinner already ready when he gets home. I do love eating out but as far as doing it everyday , NO! And I don't want to depend on my man to cook, but I would love to have one who can cook. I think woman and men have roles, and for the woman role its to cook for her family , and the man role is to provide for his wife . He can make the money while I cook. =)

    • awesome, but, the question is...will you cook if you have a job?

      If both you and your future Mr. Right have a job, will you share the responsibility and cook?

      Or will you ONLY cook if he is the only bread winner in the house and you have all day to relax and cook

  • cause its not 60s any more... how hard is the answers anyways...

  • I think there is less cooking in general. Much more eating out, and pre-made meals at home. Since our idea of gender roles is changing and its acceptable for men to cook this adds to the effect too. So yeah, gender roles mainly. Girls don't have to cook, so they won't unless they want to. I love it, I make fancy dinners 3-4 times a week, and my man cooks 3-4 times a month and makes an awesome meal too.

  • Because women work now, so they don't have as much time as they did in the olden days. Also, many men cook these days, & try to help out with housework, as both parties are working. It makes sense to me that the chores would be divided since both parties have time in their day taken away by work. It makes everything go by faster/smoother when everyone is doing their part.

    • If the chores are divided, and men AND women are working...then shouldn't the men and the women both be able to cook? Shouldnt the cooking be a shared responsibility?

      Your point simply proves that women should not be able to ONLY COOK or that women should not have to cook SUPER WELL.

      The only way that the "chores" divided thing would work is if the man does the cooking, since the women will not. And the women does everything else.

      Otherwise, this makes no sense to me...

    • No, I was saying dividing the chores, as in the man might do the cooking, while the woman washes the dishes/laundry...

    • Dividing the chores is great. It only really works when both people feel the divide is fair.

      The problem is that a guy or girl might try and act like they should be doing less for whatever reason...

  • I don't know about other women, but I absolutely love cooking

    and I haven't noticed what you are asking about...

  • I love cooking. My father taught me to cook beautiful food. Bloody hell, I can just taste his cooking now...great, now I'm hungry.

  • simple answer- no one teaches them.

    • oh come on!

      Nobody taught me how to cook!

      Also, there are so many cooking TV shows. Anyone who wants to learn can I think!

    • well there's no reason for them to learn most of the time.

      really though it's the same for men. why don't men cook more? why don't they learn how to cook? those same reasons are the same for females, unless you want to pull the b.s. answer saying it's the woman's place to cook. your first anonymous male poster brought up a good point though

  • I do sh*t I can throw down tahehe ;)

  • I hate cooking and many men seem to love cooking :)

  • I still cook at my house and I cook for my guy friends too.

  • I suck in the kitchen, like really. Despite hours of my mom, grandma, friends, and current boyfriend trying to get me to cook, I'm a disastor. We're talking crunchy ramon noodles, milk spraying through the vents on the microwave while trying to make hot chocolate, burning water bad. Some of us just weren't made to work in the kitchen.

    Also, this is so sexiest it's not even funny.

    • This is actually not sexist*

      I never said women HAD TO COOK, or cannot do anything but cook.

      I am simply asking, "where did the home cooked food go?"

      And THAT is a very valid question. It sounds like the mistakes you are making come from not focusing.Cooking is not hard at all. It is just following directions and being precise. So basically, a person is only not good at it if they are not trying.

      Creating a meal is a totally different thing. Monkeys can put ingredients together. :-/

  • Because cooking is sooooooo boring.

    • then who is supposed to cook? Cooking should be a fun event done together.

    • also, I think a girl who doesn't cook is boring.

    • Their's more to a person than cooking skills, but hey your entitled to your opinion.

  • I am not a great cook and the reason is, is that I am not in the house long enough to prepare a meal. I need something quick like oatmeal, if I had a man that knew how to cook. I would like him to teach me and maybe teach me how to prepare his favorite meal. I may be vegetarian but if I knew how to make a Tri-tip steak the way he likes it, I would make it for him with side dishes that he likes and he has taught me. But it would be nice if he cooked for me too, it's not hard to impress me with food.

  • cooking would bore me, I'd say if I lived with a man or even another women (that would be abit awkward and werid), we'd share cooking and other house chores equally. And please, a way to a man's heart is through his penis, not his stomach.

    • the way to a mans heart is through his stomach.

      Girls have been trying to keep guys using their vagina for years.

      But I bet in almost every case, a guy is much more likely to stay with a girl if she cooks very well for him, and does it happily!

      See, a special girl can cook a great meal. But every girl has a Vagina. So CLEARLY, his penis is not what needs to be pleased, it is his appetite.

    • that's bs

    • If the way to a man's heart was through his penis, the would be COMPLETELY different.

  • oh... unlike the girls below sayin how they can cook I truthfully can't cook for sh*t... my food either turns out extremely burnt or extremely tasteless... or both... so I'm not gonna embarrass myself by attempting.. I gave up on the dream of being a good cook a LONG time ago...

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  • Honestly, I think you're generalizing a bit too much.

    It is true that gender roles have expanded (more so than reversed).

    Single women (like single men) don't have as much time to cook because they have to balance everything in their lives, like a job. In the old days when women didn't work as much and got married earlier (to ensure they wouldn't have to work as much), they had more time to cook.

    But also, most chefs in the world are men...and that hasn't changed over time. So I don't think there was ever a perception in society that women are better at cooking than men. The whole stereotype about women cooking came about because women had more time to cook, and now that this is no longer true, I think you'll find that both sexes like or dislike cooking equally.

    Generally, guys try to impress women with skills in the kitchen for the same reason guys try to do anything to impress a woman. The woman, on the other hand, doesn't really have to go out of her way to impress a man she's trying to date except by being good company...that hasn't changed either.

    Not every man cooks, but those who don't will do something else to try to impress women.

  • This is such an interesting topic because here in europe, cooking is a big thing that is led by some of the best chefs in the world and nearly all are men. We see more male chefs on the TV cooking for celebrities and other people. I personally think men have accepted that being a chef and preparing food is no longer a girly thing, no longer the job of the woman and many men get in the kitchen now and "have a go" at cooking because if these chefs can cook? why can't us regular men? I for one am a great example of this, I would rather get in the kitchen and cook a fantastic meal for my women, because it is such a pleaser and it's interesting playing around with all those ingriedients and coming up with your own 'special' recipe or meal.

  • I totally agree with you. Woman are tying to take other roles. Men doing the same. I feel a lot of men pamper themselves more than woman now too lol

    In all honesty, I think its a womans job to cook and maintain, and a man's job to work.

    Maybe I'm old fashioned, but that's just how life has always been, and I'm not out to try and change something that's been working perfect for so long.

    I honestly thinks its sad seeing a girl who reluctant to cook. Huge turn off for me, especially if she ever wants to have kids.

    I prefer a wifey type. Not some feminist thinking she's a guy.

    When it comes down to it. Woman are emotional. They make many decisions based on emotions. This is scientific fact. This is why many people don't want a woman as a president or running a major corporation.

    And as stated before, there is a larger woman to man ratio.

    Also, you can say that there are more woman in college, but college does not lead to success.

    Last I checked, its the men running all the major corporations, its the men who dominate the art and music industry, and ironically its the men that dominate cooking! lol

    I personally think woman are capable of learning at much faster rates. But when it comes down to it, its not just about the moment. Its about the moment and how you want it to lead into the future.

    I honestly think woman are just much better at organization, preparing, etc. Woman are very good at keeping things together, where as men are more clumsy.

    I know I drifted off the topic a little. But I believe it is important for a woman to know how to cook and care. Especially if she's going to be my wifey some day.

  • Gender roles aren't changing, they're disappearing. We're coming closer to becoming one big unisex society where the only thing distinguishing one gender from the other is their reproductive organs. Depending on how you look at it, you can see it as a good thing or a bad thing. I see it as a good thing because it's pushing more toward true equality.

    • That being said, I wouldn't want my woman to cook for me. I would want to cook for myself. I don't trust anyone else's cooking to meet the nutritional requirements I have set for myself, so I will gladly cook my own meal at night every night.

    • Gender roles aren't quite disappearing either. Women are more obsessed with physically altering themselves to look pretty, and men are more obsessed with "alpha male" characteristics. Society as a whole has become more unisex, but that's only caused people to be more neurotic about gender and go to greater lengths to differentiate what makes them manly or womanly.

    • I don't trust anyone else's cooking to meet the nutritional requirements I have set for myself, so I will gladly cook my own meal at night every night.

      me too! lol

  • My wife and I tend to share the cooking duties. Most of the time we do it together.

    • good, I wish you the best of success in your marriage.

    • Thank you. It's a good time to bond, talk about our days, etc. Plus I love grilling.

    • yes yes yes yes yes!

      "good time to bond"

      Cooking is doing something constructive and loving together to provide for each other.

      What more is there to make a relationship strong?

      Anyway, again, have a great marriage!

  • I love to cook! If a girl likes to cook as well that is great we can make food together which is really fun! If she doesn't like to cook it's not as great but it can still be nice because I know she is enjoying something from me she doesn't know how to do herself so I'm giving her something special.

    your first two updates sound really old fashioned and a little sexist. just saying. But then again, there are old fashioned women out there that will love to cook for you and be your mama.

  • because feminism is making women think that COOKING is slavery

    • lol. But cooking is fun.

    • Feminism was established to support people living under complete injustice. People who already had consciousness of their problems-It didn't create anyone- it just represented them. Its not an omnipotent force- its an ism, like any group or will have its share of corrupt thinkers&its share of fair rational ones.

      Why don't you define what you speak of- Instead of hiding behind the term that has to this day an extremely ambiguous meaning? Are you speaking of human rights women rights-what?

  • Women aren't cooking because of the stupid ass feminist movement! I'm not saying that women can't do anything, but just because you want to be independent(at least until things get too tough for you and you break down) doesn't mean you can't cook or that it's sexist to cook. Look, there are things that women are better at than men in most cases... Cooking IS ONE OF THEM! So, stop being so stubborn women and just freaking cook.

  • could be that feminism is more these days than ever, discouraging women from taking on roles of their mothers/grandmothers.

    • The problem is when girls don't feel they should cook because of feminism but then also don't feel they should cook because they are tired from work.

      Guys will still cook even though they came from work. This should be a loving shared responsibility.

    • "tired from work" is never an excuse a guy can use apparently, lol.

    • exactly. Ladies above are saying that they do not cook because they are itred from other obligations or busy from other obligations..

      Well, men are tired or busy from other obligations as well! So yes, that is a terrible argument for a lady to take.

  • i couldn't marry a girl who couldn't or wouldn't cook for me

  • i could never marry a chick who couldn't or wouldn't coom for me ..come on wtf?

  • Well personally I love to cook, so ho, get out of the kitchen and let me in.

  • Your right, many women do not cook anymore. Come to think of it, many women do not do ANY of the things that they traditionally did in the past

    What's funny is that they all still expect a male-breadwinner. They will still leave men if he doesn't make enough money. Pure hypocrisy

  • I am a practicing chef! My girl tries to get me outa the kitchen but I refuse to let her in (She can cook and wants to!) BUT in my house I OWN the kitchen and I cook for my family and my girl loves it but she wants to cook for me some times

  • Gender roles have been completely warped, with husband-abuse rates reaching sky-high levels. Cooking is only one dire symptom. Resist brothers, before our hawt female overlords entirely place their high-heels/yokes upon our necks.

    Te he he.

  • well this is not only the thing I have many things which girls stop doing...

    i can see many ladies after geting married they even don't care of the children they have and only think of money.

    they even don't know what their child is studying. but am sure this is not all girls does only few, am afraid this should not spread more...

  • Womens rights... lmao

  • Feminists syndrome, nuff said.

    Many women these days think of themselves as underdeveloped men.

  • I personally dated couple girls I felt in love with each one. I find out that each one of them didn't know how to cook. In fact, they told me "I don't know how to cook and I won't cook." I asked one, if who will cook for her chidlren even if her husband was a good cooker but got sick or has to travel and she says, ;"I don't know, maybe I will go to Mcdoland." that is when I stoped dating and they got hurt.

    I heard one got really depressed and said to a friend, "she was deeply in love with me and want to be her future husband".

    but seriously who wants marry a women who don't know how to cook? I am a great cooker. I used work many resturants. I can even become a cheif because I know Italian cusine, Mexican, Arab, and East African cusine which is great. However, I will never marry a woman who can't cook. I want a woman who can delicious food for me when I can't or when she has to. And it is not about changing but man are changing and becoming cookers because we, the man of this generation understand letting woman have equal opportunity and rights is also important and neccessary for us and our children.

    However, if woman says, "I don't how to cook' and I want my husband cook for me. Then she is damb loser and probably has to fool a foolish man, not me!

    • yeah. I can understand shared responsibilities. But if my future wife would take my kids to mcdonalds every time I did not cook, I would be a very unhappy man.

  • I'm OK with men cooking... we need to start getting these ladies onto diets anyways.. they're all becoming whales

    • wow. But then again, America could use a diet!

      MY FRIEND, I BELIEVE THE PROBLEM IS THAT PEOPLE ARE EATING OUT FOR TOO MANY MEALS. The eating out is what is making so many Americans fat.

      What if...the whole of America, MEN AND WOMEN all lost weight when ladies started cooking at home more as well as men?


      Ladies..please don't hate me for this one! But it is true!

    • Guys are becoming whales also

    • to evangelina's comment.

      Maybe everyone is becoming whales because nobody is cooking a home made meal.

      Everyone decides to go to McDonald's or Chilis or some other restaurant that makes food more fattening then would could ever possibly make at home!

      Yes, guys and ladies are getting big! So make a damn Cheeseburger at home on the george foreman! It won't be nearly as bad as buying one at the above named restaurants!

  • Men make the best cooks anyway, most of the top chefs in the world are men.

    • Does that mean a man should cook every meal?

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    • I don't mind cooking as she takes care of the kids and cleans the house. I think its fair.

    • I love to cook. I don't think that cooking is a thing of the past for women...maybe just not all women enjoy it as much as I do. I know none of my friends like to cook like I do.