Mixed messages... I am so confused

My girlfriend of 15 months broke up with me 3 weeks ago. it was a long distance relationship (300 miles) but we saw each other every months for a week or so. She recently went to uni, and since then everything had changed. I could tell stuff was different but I knew uni would change things between us, cos uni does change everything. But she was always hanging out with this other guy, even when I was staying with her at uni, she seemed to ditch me for him. So now we are broken up, the reason was, she didn't want to think that her life was already planned out for her, and that she was already committed. We had talked about marrying and having a family.

But when she broke up with me, she kept saying how sorry she was. And the bit that really confused me was the she said she still loves me, but that "it feels different". I said do you love me like a friend, and she said "I don't know". I am still all over her facebook, and about 350 out of 400 of her profile pics have me and her in them. So why is she keeping all the memories of us?

I am planning to go to the same uni as her (not because of her tho) and she said that we might meet up and something happens between us then. But this other guy seems to be a major interest of hers atm, and maybe she broke up with me to be with him. They aren't officially together now and she promised me that there was no one else.

I should also mention that her boyfriend before me was truly a horrible person, he abused her very badly and she told me she regretted her teenage-hppd cos of the things she's done. And I helped her get over her past and maybe she was in love with the idea of being in love. But didn't actually loved me. Sorry for so much info but its important to know it all.

So my question is does she still love me? We do talk a couple times a week, the odd text or whatever. But I am finding it really hard to move on, and the thought of her with someone else really makes my feel ill. I love her, and it just hurts a lot to feel like I'm her "back up" with things don't work out. Thanks anyone who answers.


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  • People do talk about having families and marriage - it's sat happens when dopamine is untie brain. This may sound harsh but inl don't blame her for not wanting to committ. It's uni! It's about experimentation and a new start! You'll feel exactly the same when you go. Who wants to feel bad about flirting with others at parties? She's stringing you along. It sounds like she loves you as a friend. That happens. Of course she cares about you, you have a history. By the way, if you want to get over her which seems you're only option then DON'T contact her. This also could work in your favour in general x

    • thanks be being honest lol, yeh I knew deep down uni would be hard for us to last, but seems like I was more willing to try than she was. x


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  • Personally, I think she's stringing you along. She likes the other guy, but she knows that if she has a boyfriend he won't be with her. So she's seeing how things are going to go with the other guy, but she isn't cutting you off completely because she's going to want to fall back on you if the guy she likes doesn't end up wanting a relationship. I would stay away from her so you don't end up getting used.


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  • She's not into you anymore, that doesn't mean she won't be in the future. She might be on a rebound, which won't last.