Should I text her first ?

Me & this girl been talking for a while on & we text all the time..I like her a lot and she know it but I don't know if she feel the same and we always walk together & But should I always or most of the time text her first or wait for her..? She don't want to tell her girl is she like me or not..


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  • text her what have you got to loss ...

  • I say go ahead and text her. If she doesn't want to talk to you, she either have a short convo with you, or just not reply back. I know it's a bad feeling sometimes if they don't respond, I've had guys do it too me. But, what do you got to loos.e If you don't already have her, you wouldn't be loosing her? And if you text her, the only thing that could happen is you gain her, or you don't. take the chance and text her.


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