What does it mean if I call and leave a voice mail for a girl and she texts back?

Don't you think it is rude to respond to a voice call with a text message? Or am I just old school? I've known her for a while and we hang out in... Show More

Since when do girls hate to talk on the phone? She is kind of busy with a lot going on.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Well if she texts you back right a way she is not wanting to be rude to you she is busy and letting you know she got your text. I know I like to talk on the phn but a guy I like HATES it so I just live with the emails, texts chats whatever then when I see him in person I get to talk to him. I am just thankful he is still in my life. If she did not respond all together then you have an issue but at least she texts you back.

    • Ok. She probably is busy and either doesn't like phone chat, or thinks I'm a typical guy who hates it also. Not that I want to drone on for an hour but I can have a brief conversation.