What stage am I at with a girl if we always kiss hello and goodbye?

I've been seeing this girl for a little, we had our 1st kiss about 10 days ago and since then, each time we've seen each other we've kissed on the lips hello and goodbye. I like this girl a lot, and this is the 1st time in my life I've even considered getting serious with anyone, which is the reason why I'm a little inexperienced with this stuff, and why this question may seem a little corny haha. So if anyone could give me a little insight as to what stage were in if were always kissing hello and goodbye. Does that mean anything? I know were obviously not a couple yet, it's way too soon, that's not the issue, we haven't even talked about that yet, but are we on the way? Is kissing hello and goodbye a sign that things are in the early stages of getting serious? And along with this, each time we're with each other we're always cuddling and all that stuff I love, that's gotta mean something, right?


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  • why does it take so long for the second kiss? :)

    • Ha no, in those 10 days since our 1st kiss, we've had many kisses. That's my question, we regularly have been, since the 1st kiss, been kissing. And we always kiss hello and goodbye. What stage would that put us at? On the way to something more serious?


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  • it means she totally and completely comfertable around you and feels like she can tell you anything. good sign, people usually don't get there til theyve bin datin for a long time. (40 dates min) ask her if she wants to be considered a couple or no, because in my opinion, she's head ove heals 4 ya boy!

  • yeah, from my experience it's on the way. best of luck!


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