Why can't I kiss him?

I have been going out with this guy Chris for about three weeks but I can't kiss him. Like french kiss him. I've made out with other guys so it isn't like I don't kiss guys, I do. Oh and Chris and I have had sex so I really don't understand why I can't kiss him. Can anyone help me?


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  • i been through that. the guy I was with did the same thing after a few weeks he said I love you to me and it did freak me out because I hadn't reached that stage. I didn't love yet I needed more time. he did try to kiss me but I couldn't I really liked him but I didn't love him. we went 2 years together and I never kissed him once nor did I love him even then. the reason for tell you this is you're maybe scared because he loves you and you're not sure if you're there yet. and this maybe weighing a lot on you shoulders. I never kissed this guy because kissing and saying I love you I hold those things very dear and I swore to myself than I would ony do those things with someone I truly loved. if you hold morals and values dear then your instincts will not allow you to do this because of your uncertainty. give it some time you may be feeling guilty because you don't feel the same way about him the way he feels about you.


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  • How to kiss: move your lips to his

    See? its possible.

    • nahh I can do the whole lip action with him I just can't do the tongue kind... I don't know why the f*** not either ! its really driving me insane. by the way I know how to kiss and umm thanks anyways

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    • no no I do like him. its just he said "I love you" and its only been 3 weeks so yea that freaked me out and I guess I'm trying to find a reason to run away. I don't want to because I like him, I think. no I do. ooooh jeeez I'm unloading on you... I'm so sorrry. but ummgot any advice to get me to stop thinking?

    • best way is to do something that occupies your mind. read a book, do a hobby, watch a show etc

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  • i guess it might be because kissing is so personal and you're really into him