Two guys like me and I'm having trouble deciding who to choose?

So basically, I have 2 guys that like me.

Guy 1: I've known him much longer than guy 2, and we are so similar: we share the same interests, we think alike etc. Whenever we're together alone or in a group, it's always a good time. He's funny, very caring and sweet and I always go to him for advice. I've always seen him as a friend, but recently he's been growing on me and I think I might have feelings for him. He already told me that he likes me but he said he doesn't want to ask me out because he knows I like Guy 2.

Guy 2: I met this guy in the summer and I was instantly attracted to him. He's way cuter than guy 2, and he has the personality to match. He's also sweet, and caring. Before, he used to forget whatever I told him, and he claims he forgets because I'm "intimidating" (what's that supposed to mean?). But recently that's changed and we get along quite well. Sometimes though, I get awkward vibes from it's hard to maintain a convo with him. Idk, he's confusing.

So my problem is I don't know which one to choose; they're both good guys - I don't know what to do! Plus, I forgot to mention that they're friends! I don't want to make it awkward between them if I choose one over the other...


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  • Well that last bit was a curve ball. I would say guy 1 because the way you describe guy 1 is clear and focused and you know what you like. Guy 2 seems foggy and not as clear. It seems like you are more sure about the first guy. The fact they are friends is hard though. Just go with your gut. Who is the person that you think about first when you wake up in the morning. You will figure it out. It is tough but you feel it.


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  • I'm not trying to be mean in saying this, but it sounds like you lack the emotional maturity to be a decent girl for guy 1. You're lucky that guy 1 keeps talking to you.

  • what happened then..update please.. who'd you choose and how did it work out?


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  • I think you want people to say to go for guy #2, but you already know that guy #1 would be the better option for you. You don't want to be with someone who sometimes gives awkward vibes, and that it is hard to converse with --- things should be more simple. Maybe the 1st guy doesn't seem that cute, but the more that you get to know him, and your feelings grow for him - you will see him as cuter. That's not what matters anyway - you should just be with someone who makes you happy, and that you enjoy spending time with.