What should I do? I don't know what to do?

its this girl I really like and we hang out like everyday but she wants this other guy or that's what her friends tell me. and they talk about him in front of me, so what should I do to make me and her work?


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  • Tell her how you really feel. I saw that you did already. Do nice things for her. First do everyday normal things, offer to hold her bag or something, hold the door for her, buy her coffee ect. Once you do that invite her to hang out on a Friday night. Pick a horror movie and if she gets easily scared she'll want you to comfort her. You can get closer this way. When hanging out find an excuse to tough her. if you two are alone tell her she has something on her face and "wipe" it away. I used to find excuses for my crush to touch me. My friend fell asleep on my arms and my shirt was falling down and I asked him to pull it up and he ended up feeling me up and getting a boner. It was really hot. Obviously don't go that far if she's not interested... now I'm just rambling.


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  • Have you told her how you feel about her?

    • yea like a month ago but she had a boyfriend at the time

    • Ok well has she told you she is into this other guy or was it just her friends telling you that?

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  • I hate to break it to you, but you're in the dredded friend zone.

    You are being too much of the stereotypical "nice guy" and you're too available, too easy for her to get. She knows she could get you if she wanted you, no problem. There is no mystery, no chase, no adventure or excitement. You're not being enough of a "bad boy.".

    You need to stop clinging around her like a puppy dog and set your sights on some other girls. Make yourself less available to her. Don't be mean - stay friends, but just be busy and have other things to do and people (girls) to see.

    Try to date other girls and make sure she sees you with them and that you are being a good boyfriend to them and making them happy. Then start subtly flirting with her and compliment her clothes, etc, and maybe over time she might start to see you as potential boyfriend material. If you are still interested in her after all that.