Flirting With A Flirt?

This girl I'm starting to like is a total flirt. Obviously, this isn't a bad thing, but it can be deceiving :P.

Fortunately (maybe?) she especially seems to flirt with me quite often. However, how do I ever know if she's being serious, or just flirting for fun (that sounds odd..)?

She's almost always just flirting for fun I think, but how am I supposed to react? If I flirt back, she may just take it as me playing her game, while if I don't then I obviously can't show that I'm interested.

I don't want it to be weird, like I thought her flirting was serious or anything, but I want to show that I'm kinda starting to like her.

On a side note, does dating a flirt make their personality diminish, because they can't flirt as much?

Anyway, I've used the word "flirt" way too many times in this. Any advice would be appreciated.


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  • If she flirts with you and keeps a constant stare or looks directly at your eyes she does like you and she is being serious. If she looks at any other part of you or all over while she flirts she is not being so serious. If she touches your arm or anything else while she flirts its serious.

    No, it doesn't make their personality diminish, it takes them to another level, and that is better.



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  • You really can't. Unless she either kisses you, or you try to kiss her and see what happens or you simply ask her...

  • I love to flirt and I love it when a guy flirts back but the majority of the time it is because it is enjoyable and does not mean anything more. However, when I am really serious I ltell the guy know that I really do like him.

    • and what sets this guy apart from the rest?

    • Its a connection thing. If I am just flirting to have fun then it is light and playful but somewhat unattached. When I start to like the person then it becomes a little more personal and is directed more at him and not a situation. For examaple, if I am only playing around I will call him names like bestie, best friend, buddy, hunz, dude...etc. But if I started using names like boo or babe, then I like the guy.

  • Flirt back and watch how she flirts with other men... don't be up in her face just watch frm a distance.


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  • Referring to your personality change... They won't flirt any less with a boyfriend than they would without one. Hate to burst your bubble I've dated a bunch of women like this, and having a high sense of jealousy it bothers me :P

    • I have high jealousy too xP. Hopefully I can get over it haha.

    • Take it from me, you won't get over it... just a matter of how you deal with it

  • i had a crush on a flirt until recently. She gave so many signs she liked me. She asked me to play guitar for her, she laughed at my jokes, we flirted, went on walks, she slept on my lap. Now I know she doesn't like me and my heart is shattered. Don't expect anything from her or you might wind up with a broken heart. Sorry but that's how life is. It sucks d*** and you can't do sh*t about it.

    • Aw sorry dude. That sucks. Yeah I was afraid of that exact stuff, Ima just be super careful about whatever I do.