How to differentiate a rebound?

How do I differentiate a rebound relationship when in fact my ex girlfriend loves her new guy after we broke up and she tells him "I Love you not only for who you are but what I am when I am with you" she fell in love really quick I mean in just a weeks time

It also looks as if she is mad and she does not want to talk about what she is really thinking.

Though she asked for forgiveness I told her no I can't because I hate her for what she had become and what she did
She has gone as far as saying that she doesn't want to hurt another again and that if she made a mistake she wants to be given a chance to be with me again then all of a sudden she is saying that she said those words for me to be her friend I said BS!


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  • She is trying to ease her "guilt" and your pain, but she is trying to keep all the advantages she has. She wants you in her life on her terms because she is so used to you "being there". She dumped you for HIM, she is in a relationship with HIM, and she is giving you a front row seat and secretly laughing her ass off! STOP communicating with her and start dating other girls out there. Rebound or not, she is still seeing someone else and trying to prevent you from moving on, and that proves how selfish she is. Move on for your sake.


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  • The difference between a rebound and a serious relationship is that a rebound is something you do to avoid the pain of a break up where a real relationship is one that starts fresh without any residual feelings left over from the break up. Whenever someone starts seeing someone right after a break up there is a 99.9% chance its a rebound.


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  • Who broke it off? I think she is trying to make you jealous. That or she is really confused because a week is not very long at all, and especially when considering what she told him, almost weird. If you just broke up it really sounds like a rebound.

    • She was the one who broke up with me and she immediately ran off with him and they are seeing each other often... Yeah I wish you are right... I decided to stay away and forget her even if she says she wants us to be friends...

    • Best way to go dude. No need to be friends unless there another reason like if she worked where you did or something like that. What she did was immature, and to boast about it only confirms that.

  • If she she still in contact with you after quickly jumping to a new guy.. she's on a rebound.