Was it more of a pity kiss...?

Ok so me and this guy kiss every time we are together but I'm off at school and so we hardly get to see each other. We used to talk all the time but I really wasn't sure what he really thought of me because I thought he was just a player so I started going to him for advice with other guys. Then he kind of stopped talking to me a lot...Like if I texted him about something he would respond always but he no longer initiated. So the other night I was out with friends and I really really wanted to make out with him basically...So I texted him late and told him I wanted to hang out. He has practice most nights so I knew it would have to be pretty late. So he was like well I can't leave my house but if you want to stop by. So I went over and we talked and hung out and then he was like let's go somewhere else. So we started driving around and then we parked in his neighborhood. I was so cold so he gave me his coat and we just sat there talking and hanging out for like a couple hours and we kind of talked about past relationship problems. He caught me by surprise because he remembered like everything I had ever told him. So then he told me about this girl he used to like who led him on for months and then got back with her ex...I could tell it was something that had really upset him. I've known for a while that he's really guarded but I didn't know why and so I guess that that is why. I just thought it was nice that he finally opened up to me like that. At some point he put his arm around me and then he started to kiss me. I told him it would be easier if we moved to the back seat because of the cd holder and all that stuff that is between the drivers and passengers seat...So we moved to the back seat and we started making out again and at some point he asked me if I wanted to go further and I said no and I was like sorry and he asked me why I was apologizing and I sort of explained why I wouldn't. He didn't push me or anything but he was like "most guys will only date girls after they done this type of stuff"...He didn't say this in a mean way or anything but it kind of caught me off guard and then he was like "I'm not that type of guy though" He told me he could be practice for future boyfriends...But he really didn't push me, I mean I guess all of this was to try and persuade me but he wasn't mean...We just sat there and he held me but I had to get home a little while later so we went back to his house so I could get my car and drive home and he kissed me again before I left...But I just don't understand if he does like me or if he really only wanted to get laid or whatever and why he would kiss me at the end if he was over it...


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  • He sounds like a douche bag who's telling himself he cares about you. Don't let his confusion confuse you. Drop him.

    From a man.


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  • Ask him.