Can a guy succeed without doing the "hot then cold" routine?

Can a guy text a girl the same day she gives him her number? Can he let her know the next day that he plans to text her? Can a guy reply to a text as soon as he gets it?


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  • Here's what you do: text/call when YOU want to, just don't be desperate. If you have a life, you don't have to pretend you do. If you don't have a life, go out and do fun and interesting things. Make her wonder what you've been up to.


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  • Yes. Screw the rules. Go after what you want.


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  • Yeah you can. Just live your life, do what you usually do and if you want to talk to her, then do it. Of course, don't be weird about it like constantly bothering her, but normal conversation whenever you might happen to think about it is fine. If she raises an issue over you not following the "rules" then she's lame and immature anyway.

  • don't do it! stick to what works @@@@@@

    and what's the cold and hot routine

    • It's pretending you don't like a girl. Pretending that you're looking for platonic friendship. It's waiting 2 days after you get her number to text her. It's waiting at least 5-10 minutes to send a text back. It's the manipulative dark side of being a player.

    • f*** yeah stick to the script