When do you want to be kissed?

If you are hanging out with a guy you like, and he seems to like you a little, do you want him to kiss you on the first "date"...or maybe wait until the second or third...("date" doesn't have to be a formal thing it could just be hanging out.)


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  • Before kissing her on the first date even if you know she likes you do a few subtle tests like: touching her arm during conversation, gently leaning on her or putting your arm around her (works good in movies), looking directly at her, brushing her hair out of her eyes so you can look at them better etc etc. you will be able to tell if you're getting good vibes or not - then go for it! oh another hint - girls like it when you take charge and make the first move. When it comes to things like that we like you to be in control.

  • honestly, I think its okay to kiss on the first date as long as you're getting good signals. one of my favorite memories is a kiss on a first date.


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