Is it bad that I am always the one asking?

Whenever I want to hang out with my guy friend, I ask him if and when he can. But he never asks me if I want to hang out with him. What do you think it means? I've just been really curious as to why I'm always the one making plans and he never bothers asking me if I want to hang or not.


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  • I've come across this problem. I think I'm just a sort of NPC though, as opposed to a main character, you know? So people don't realize they can hang out with me, hahaha. Or else they're busy or something. Depends how social they are, if they're the kinda person who gets used to people arranging stuff with them, they don't go out of their way to arrange something with someone else.

    • Well, I guess the fact that my guy friend knows I like him (or I should say I really liked him a few months ago), so he's probably thinking something about planning stuff with me will make me think somethings up? I don't know, lol. I wanted to hang out with him before Christmas but I'm not too sure it'll happen anymore. :/ *sighs* he's difficult, XD

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    • Lol, yeah some people are asses like that, I mean he calls himself an ass but I know for a fact he's not because he's actually not like most guys. He actually cares and is really nice (mostly to me anyway), XD

    • Heh. Well, I hope things work out ^^


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  • I never ask to hang out with girls cause I want them to ask me, its kinda a power thing for me. I don't wanna seem like the "weaker" one. Its dumb I know..


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  • i think he's not thhat interested in you if he's never the one doing the asking