Should I keep texting and calling her?

Me and this girl have been talking for about a month and we only been on one date. Lately we jus started to talk on the phone and now when I call her we talk for a few min and she tell me she gonna call me back but never does. Should I keep calling back or text I don't want to chase her... I want her to text and call me because she wants too!


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  • No stopcalling her and texting her if she's not calling you back it means she doesn't want to talk to you and if she really wants to talk to you she will call when she's ready and she's probably doing it to see if you will keep calling her give her some time and if she doesn't text you or call you then it wasn't ment to be

  • Time to move on. If she's acting very offstandish and consistently has you calling her, then its time to move on. She may be trying to pull away slowly without hurting your feelings, or has feelings but not as much as she did before. Back off for a little bit and see if she notices and begins to call you. If you really want to "turn tables" then back off, have her call you, and if she doesn't, then you know your not wasting your time and you can move on. Hope everything works out for you!


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