What to do on a first date?

Hey, Theirs this girl I've really fallen for. Been talking to her for about 2 weeks a worked up the balls to ask her on date. Haven't been yet as I have been on holiday. So we're going to do something the week after Christmas. Anyway, I don't want to goto the cinema as everyone does that and it's not really romantic, Can't really goto a park as where we're from theirs a lot of underage drinking and would endup fighting like the last time. Any suggestions of where I can take her?

Thanks x


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  • Yeah, don't go to the movies because then you guys can't talk to each other. For me personally, I LOVE when a guy takes me bowling on a first date especially when neither of us can bowl then it just becomes a really funny time. If you want something more romantic, dinner at an Italian restaurant is always a good choice too. :)


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  • Go to a cafe. Its a place to chill and talk for a few hours. You can get coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. The price can range from free to 10 dollars. It's very inexpensive. The plan for the first date is to just get to know each other. You don't have to spend 3-5 hours together. I usually hang out for one and half or two hours. The time depends on how the conversion is going.

    The movies are just expensive and adds nothing to the relationship. After seeing the movie and going home she will think to herself "After two hours I still don't know a thing about him."