Would it be weird if I hung out with my friends while they got high, but I didn't partake?

So all of my friends are planning on hanging out and getting high. I personally don't do that, but I don't mind being around them while it happens. Would it be strange for me to be there? If I did go would there be anything I'd have to deal with?

I want to spend time with them and hang out, but if it would just be awkward I don't know if I should be there. What should I expect from them if I did end up going?


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  • its gonna be fun cause your gonna watch them go from sober. to high lololol

    it wouldn't be strange

    you've have to deal with maybe one or two "want a hit?"


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  • They will offer you I am sure. maybe rag on you little. I would worry about being guilty by association. Just hope they are good friends and won't pressure you. Make sure you have a way out of there if you need it.


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  • It won't be hard but just like the answer said they are going to ask you and stuff. Try to keep saying no. I done that before. To be honest it wasnt really fun. It was annoying and I smelled like weed and my mother kept questioning me.

    so yea good luck.