What's the difference in treatment between a housewife & a working wife towards her husband?

I personally think that housewives are a lot more attached to their men and maybe love them more and are proud to have REAL men who are able to hold their male responsibilities...a working wife is a girl who just love her husband but never cars to what happen to him like a housewife cause she's independent & stressed out and would never serve her man like a housewife...what's your opinion?


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  • I guess this question was adressed to guys. Anyways I would appriciate the comfort of being able to stay at home( and maybe even do it), but I wouldn't think of my husband less.

    ' working wife is a girl who just love her husband but never cars to what happen to him' Isn't that mutually exclusive? If you love someone, you obviously care about him/her.

    Though I have to agree, the housewife is probably put more effort in making her husband believe she loves him(even if she doesn't) course she depends on him.

    'and would never serve her man like a housewife' if you mean 'serve' by his actual meaning, then no, she wouldn't. However if your a working or house- wife has nothing to do with how much you love your husband.

    Also would you really want a girls, that's only there to 'serve' you? like really?

    • of course not, I want my girl to love me a lot like I love her and that means like we are 1 heart and if something bad happened to one of us then I doubt that we would be able to live without each other but what I mean here is that a housewife is totally different then a working wife a housewife always serves her husband cause he's serving her too so their actually serving each other but each one by his/her role a husband needs his wife and a wife needs her husband then together raise their kids

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    • oh you'll be happy just the same don't you worry

    • no I won't actually, just the thought that's she going out and earning money will make me sad cause I'm able, why would she want to do that and I was happy being everything to her so if she wanna erase my role just to fulfill her dreams than of course I won't be happy and our love will start fading away without even realizing!

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  • Firstly, I laughed so hard at this ridiculous question. A REAL man? Hahaha. What is this? The 18th century? So, guys who have working wives aren't real men despite them working to? And what's a real man? There's NO set responsibilities anymore and I'm sorry if that crushes you. In fact, loads of men are now house husbands and they're still REAL men.

    Ok, it DOES NOT affect love at all. Love is a chemical in the brain. Love is not about serving. We are not slaves to each other. Whether she works or not does not affect love - that ridiculous! Absurd, even. We choose to be together and we choose to do things for each other. Actually, housewives are often found to be the unhappiest and marriages where both work are the happiest. Why? Everyone NEEDS independence and it's only the insecure, cowardly men who don't like they're woman working in case they earn more and actually depend on themselves. If the woman CHOOSES to be a housewife, then fair enough and well done if it makes her happy. IT DOES NOT AFFECT THE LOVE. in fact, resentment is more likely to build. Who wants they're husband stressed? Who wants to be bored sh*tless and then have they're husband whine all day? Anyway, if being a housewife works for them, fair play to them :D But love has nothing to do with it at all :) plus, both being at working sets a better example to the kids I reckon (if they choose to have any) :D x

    • well thanks for answering my ridiculous question at least I made you laugh hard, well like it or not that's me and would never change, and I'm not in the 18th century, I'm in the 16th century:D

      i believe the housewife would make a perfect wife, well about why housewife are less happy then working wives, well because their never being treated as real housewives by their husbands with all love & care working wives are sad but these kind of housewives can saddest cause their being treated as slaves

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    • I'm on university studying to get a degree and then a career, actually.

    • good for you, aren't you BORED replying on me!

  • Both my partner and I work, and we both share in household responsibilities as well. I find it incredibly insulting to suggest that having a job means that I love my partner less than a woman who doesn't work. I love him deeply and the only "attachment' that I don't have to him is that I'm not financially dependent on him (and I see that as a GOOD and healthy thing). Why wouldn't I care what happens to him? Being independent and having a job doesn't mean that you're stressed out, don't love your husband as much, or don't care what happens to them.

    Further, I would never want to "serve" anyone. I'm not a slave. My partner and I work together to make a good and happy life for ourselves.

  • there is none

  • in case you haven't noticed, it is no longer 1955. in america it takes more than 1 paycheck to support a middle class household. so unless the husband is like super rich and makes more than enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle with just HIS paycheck, AFTER TAXES...both people are going to have to work out of necessity.

    also have you ever thought that there are some women who actually like to leave the house and breathe fresh air instead of being trapped in a house serving everyone else all day?

    • your a girl who doesn't like taking care of your husband and family, and wants to smell fresh air in your career, well go and work...why would a man makes good with a girl who will never appreciate his hard work to make his girl comfortable and happy...most of you western girls feels that being a housewife is a trapped slave...that's a really a big issue, then asking where are all the good guys, you just kick them out and then where are they? anyways good luck in your life!

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    • i work for my family to fulfill their dreams as much as I can and my wife works inside the house so she provide for us as much as she can we both work but each on his/her role and our family is the 1st then comes everything...there is nothing more important than my wife and there is nothing which equals my wife, so now you see what a HYPOCRIT I'am! :)

    • GAH OliviaWinters

      Your freaking amazing :D

      and I don't even know you!

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  • I think it depends in how the guy is treating her.. I know that concept is bogus but think about it -> Every time I've had a good girlfriend, I showed her I cared (not just told her and ran out the door).. Everytime a girl has pleased me (emotionally/sexually/etc) was when I made her feel really good about herself.

    Sometimes you just have to do right by other people even when you see/feel/think you are being wrong.. And just cross your fingers and pray.

    As for the working concept, I don't think it matters either way. I think it gives the couple some space so they don't end up either hanging each other or playing out "Mr and Mrs smith".. But I don't think it really "improves" the relationship other than giving the couple a moment to dwell about the good memories / relax from the bad memories..

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • your right, but sometime being working outside gives you stress and headaches that will brake your marriage into pieces cause there is no one who's comfortable and not stressed out so if you & your wife works then you both will be angry and stressed up and no one will be able to hold the other so the smallest things will become big things and unresolved and in the end causes divorce...but in the end it's a really a decision that will be taken by both & it might works out but not for me!

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    • well, I can't say other then your reply is wonderful, that is just true, actually it's the under appreciation and looking down to the women's role in the past made most of women so hunger for revenge and to hardly trust a guy...somewhat their right but their not all the same...a girl must be smart to find a truthful & faithful guy and to fall blindly!

    • Honesty, integrity, and loyalty are the core principles of a true relationship. If you don't have those with your partner, you're in for a long haunting road of torture and agony. If you don't feel compelled to make your relationship better -> And your facing a bad situation that hasn't changed for weeks or even months -> What reason do you have to stick around? You've gotta try SOMETHING to make it better.. at least that's how I feel.

  • "what's your opinion?"

    I think ... troll.

    • what does a troll means? is it that monster who throws rocks in the age of mythology game?