He kind of kissed me?

im 16 and my boyfriend of a little over a month tried to give me my first kiss...but I kinda freaked and pulled away as soon as his lips touched mine

he had been hinting at it A LOT but it was still unexpected for me so I didn't know what to do

he says its okay and everything but I know it was a bitch move and I don't know what to do with myself. advice? Dx


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  • Just go to him and say "Lets try kissing again" and go for it. I honestly would feel that you didn't like me. So I think the ball is in your court to make the next move. Don't back away again if you like him. Its a turn off.

    PS: You might get pregnant if he kisses you so be careful.

    • Perhaps it's different in New York, but I'm quite sure in the rest of the world kissing does not (directly) result in pregnancy.

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  • Just kiss him and all will be well.

  • don't-pull-away-again-because-it's-very-unattractive-and-your-social-value-goes-down-you-don't-want-that-do-you?it's-just-a-kiss-don't-be-a-pussy


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