What do you think about if a girl has sex with you on the first or second date?

okay so how many people have had sex on a first date but who actually stays with that person? lets ask are self could we really see them in a dating situation or do we think of them as a one night stand easy type of person?

as your self what you think

  • Sex on a first or second date makes them easy I would be out.
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  • I would consider dating someone who had sex on the first or second date.
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  • I would date someone who had sex on the first or second date.
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  • I would only date them if I got the girl prego.
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  • I meet a girl and it was amazing how fast we just clicked. It was almost like we have know each other forever. Just unbelievable. So in this case I would not call her easy or a slut.

    Normally I would say that it would be too quickly, and you need time to get to know each other.

    So I guess what I am saying is YES that I would think that she's easy but as you have read there are always exceptions to any rule.

    By the way that girl & I are not dating(her choice) but remain very close friends to this day.


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  • I would not be interested in a girl who didn't think enough of herself, and the gift she carries for her husband, that makes her so precious to him. Sex is a gift that should be seen as a treasure to be unlocked by the person who has discovered the key to your heart, and invested in opening it, respectfully, and with commitment.

  • I've talked to some girls, then we went on a date, then we had sex on that first date.i must say that the first question that came to mind was----'how many dates did she say she have lately? And did they get lucky like I did?' So yea.hmmm, I never had any type of serious relationships with girls I had sex with on the first or 2nd date. However, some evolved into fwb's.

  • if we had sex in the first or even second date , its an easy person and I'll start thinking that she do this a lot , its not going to be a real relationship , it gonna be just sex , no feelings no love nothing .

  • I think as long as there was some good conversation before hand it could last. If you and the guy realy bond with each other emotionaly and then have sex it could definitly last. Wear you run into trouble is wear there are just a few lines and then you start having sex like crazy after a drunken stuper. Then its kinda hard to pick up from that. So just try to bond with him in convo first then have all the mad hot naked sex you want. Lol


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  • Well if you know a guy for a long time as friends and then have sex with him when you guys go on the first or second date, that is different.i think.

    Anyone that doesn't know the other person however,- and would just have sex right away on a first or second date is not trying to get to know the other individual and hence would not be good boyfriend/girlfriend material.

    So it ends there; a physical relationship and no strings attached.

  • well I have know the guy I am with for 5 years now but we have only been dating for 1 year. me and him hooked up in the backseat of my car.afterwards our relationship started and we are so both very happy and truly love each other. but I guesss it took us being friens for 4 years before that was able to happen

  • Some guys think that having sex on a first date is not good it makes that person a slutty