Does kissing someone you're attracted to feel different from someone who is just there?

Does it feel different if you kiss someone you are attracted too?

I have never felt anything from kissing a guy, am I supposed to feel something?

Can you tell if you like a person from a kiss?


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  • I think kisses can be emotional or physical; I remember once kissing this girl at a club and she was an average girl; however, her kissing was so sensuous; it was very slow, and just arousing. At the time, I wasn't a fan of kissing but that girl definitely had a technique down that was incredible and we went out couple of times, and couldn't get enough of her kissing. Now, other girls that I kiss get me aroused but none like that girl that time; now, kissing gf's is a different experience because I really have the urge to kiss them, and is not like when I had an friends with benefits where I kiss them to make out. So kissing gfs is another experience cause she might not be the greatest kisser, but I enjoy kissing them. If that makes any sense! :D