Girls would you date a guy a lot older than you?

girls would you date a guy a lot older than you and if so,whats your age and how much older of a guy would you date ?


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  • When you say "a lot older" how many years are you thinking? Personally, at my point in life I would not date a guy more than 8 years older. Why 8 years? I am not exactly sure. I think maybe because its close to 10 years but not just there yet. 10 years is a big difference when, like me, in college and still trying to find who I am and what I want to be.

    • maybe 10-20 years older

    • For me 10-20 years old. No way. If I was older like 30 I would think about it. At that point in my life, I would like to think, that I would have a stable persona. In turn, that would give me a place where I could bond with another who is also stable.

    • its really strange, in europe if a much older man hits on a girl,the girl is flatterd and loves it,here in the usa the guy gets called a sick perv.

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  • I know you asked for girls but I think id date a girl, maybe 24 years old, an I'm 19 so 5 years older.


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  • im 20, I would date a guy up to 25 years old.

    but the older you get, the less the age gap matters.

    for example in my teens I would never date someone 5 years older than me - maximum 2 years older.

    by age 40 you could probably date someone who is 55 or so..

    although it may make you feel old

  • Im 17 and I date guys at least a year or two older than me I don't go date guys in there 20's that could be weird ha:p

    • hell when I was your age I was dating girls in there 40's they hit on me all the time

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    • I would never dAte a guy tht much younger

    • thats just church brainwash,in europe if a much older man hits on a young girl,the girl is flattered and loves it,in the usa he gets called a sick perv. I think its just church brainwash

  • Yes and No. Yes if their is chemistry like Aliyah said "Age ain't nothin but a numba" . No that men of certain age don't have some of the same interests and it just freaks me out. I would only date five years older and I'm 23..