Should I tell her that I have some acne?

I met a girl online and we seemed to hit it off and we want the same things in terms of a relationship. Should I tell her that I have some acne/scars before we go on a date? They don't show up in pictures.


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  • No. Go on the date and see what happens. She obviously likes you and if she sees you and is turned off by the acne scars then she's not a girl you would want to date.

    If you are insecure about the acne scars, there are medicines out there to help minimize them that you can get from a dermatologist. I had acne as a kid and have a prescrption called tretinoin (generic of Retin-A) that I use occassionally. Old people use it for wrinkles, but it basically removes the top layer of skin so new skin can be revealed in its place thus helping minimize/get rid of the scars.


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  • lol no. don't make it a big deal because it's not

  • just go on the date and see how it goes...if you say that it will seem like you are insecure. Be confident and she will surely look past the flaws! f not, then she isn't worth your time. Confidence is a great trait to possess!


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