Should I acknowledge him touching me?

So there's this guy that has been flirting with me and I've been flirting with him. When ever we are together he makes an excuse to touch me (e.g. rubbing my butt when we hug, sticking his hand up the back of my shirt, poking me in my stomach, ect.) Anyways, I'm really new to the whole "dating/flirting" thing and I don't really know how to react. I haven't been saying anything when he does it. Does he think its weird that I don't acknowledge it? Like today he had his hand on my butt for a really long time, and I was going to jokingly say something about it, but I didn't want him to think that he was making me uncomfortable. So I guess my question is, how would you want a girl to acknowledge you touching her?


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  • I think that you need to listen to the advice of the females on this site. the "dating and relationship experienced" will tell you that this is no way to start a relationship. guys want relationships, but the first thing that we want, is sex, and plenty of it.

    Your body, is your own, no one elses. which makes you responsible for how it is treated. how people treat your body, is a direct reflection of how they see and feel about you. how they see and feel about you comes from prior interactions with you.

    no guys who do this to you, want you for your brain. which doesn't make them inherently bad guys, remember, you are responsible for your body. if you allow guys to touch you in sexual ways, than they'll always want to touch you in sexual ways. which means that they don't have to engage in a relationship with you, all they have to do is wait for another opportunity to touch you again.

    your allowing or disallowing of these things to happen is up to you. How do you want to be treated? as a mindless body with groping hands all over? or as a person, who wants love, or at least a date for beginners.

    "why buy the cow, when you get the milk for free"

    refers to you giving up sex to the guy without first going through a relationship and building trust and love and confidence and all of the wonderful things that lead up to sexual encounters.

    If you give a guy an inch, he'll take a mile. it's how we are wired. sorry.


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  • You will decide what you like him to do, when/where/how and not.

    You will read him the rules at the very next "not like it" touch,

    thereafter reward his respect for rules with a kiss/whatever and

    penalize his disrespect with talk, instruction, aloofness

  • What do YOU think about him doing that to you? Man, I can not believe that you are asking if he thinks you are weird for not reacting, or how you should react. Shouldn't you be reacting based on how you feel about it, as opposed how you want him to feel?

    Sounds like you should just play the role of a ditzy girl by starting to giggle and tell him that he is a bad boy. Or, if you want to let him know that you are not just a girl to fondle around with that you have the power to tell him whether you like him touching you are not.



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  • If you are enjoying it and would like for the flirting to continue, then you should do the same for him. To let him know that you are into it as well and willing to play the game he started.

  • i think you should mirror him. touch his butt and do the other things he does and how he reacts. he seems comfortable enough with you to do these things. also keep an eye on him to nlotice if he behaves the same way with other girls.